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Sprite of the guard, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.

The guard[1] is a boss from Virtual Boy Wario Land that guards the boss door of every boss stage. It is a small robot armed with both projectile and melee weapons, and attacks Wario in different ways, but its main attack is by trying to jump on him with its spiked head. After it lands, it leaves its weak spot exposed, and Wario can jump on it. Once he does this twice, the guard is defeated and Wario can access the boss.

Once a guard is defeated, it is gone forever unless the player starts a new file.


The guard is encountered four times. In all four encounters, the guard has different attacks that make it more difficult to defeat than in the previous encounter. In Hard Mode, the guards attack much faster and the speed of all their attacks is increased significantly.

  • Stage 4: Attacks by trying to jump on Wario.
  • Stage 8: Attacks by shooting rockets. If Wario is ducking, it will change its height and fire. After three shots, it jumps.
  • Stage 12: Attacks by shooting lightning bolts. It will change its height according to Wario's position. After three shots, it jumps.
  • Stage 14: Attacks by shooting a homing missile. Once the missile is destroyed by either hitting something or with the flames from either Sea Dragon Wario or King Dragon Wario, the guard jumps. The arena in which the guard is fought is smaller than in previous encounters.


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    "Dodge the guard's dive-bombing attack and stomp on its exposed underside."