Sand Fish

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Sand Fish
Sprite of the boss Sand Fish, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Species Fish
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

Sand Fish[1] is the second major boss of Virtual Boy Wario Land, being fought in Stage 8 after defeating the guard. It appears to be a long, worm-like creature with a tail fin and a snorkel over its head. Sand Fish is fought in a vast desert setting with sandy hills. In the background on top of submerged pillars are six statues that look like Sand Fish, although without a snorkel.

Once Wario enters the area, Sand Fish approaches Wario from the background by diving in and out from the sand. It will dive down to where Wario is standing, breaking the flooring and potentially harming Wario with its pointed nose. After breaking the floor, Sand Fish rises from the quicksand, looking for Wario. If Sand Fish catches sight of Wario, it will thrust its nose towards Wario, quickly diving back into the sand. If Wario is standing behind Sand Fish and out of its view after it raises its head, Sand Fish will appear confused, remaining there for some time. In either scenario, Wario is able to jump on top of Sand Fish's head and damage it. Wario is unable to perform a Barge on Sand Fish, as its spikes will damage him.

Each time Wario strikes Sand Fish, its movement will become slightly faster. After Wario strikes it three times, Sand Fish will appear stunned and disappear into the quicksand. Outside the boss room, Wario receives the gate key to progress onward to Stage 9.



  • The quicksand seen in the Sand Fish battle is the only area of quicksand in the game that isn't occupied by Plant Chompers.