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“This little bee shoots out thorn balls. Its only goal is to thwart Wario in his quest.”
Thorn-Ball description, Nintendo Character Guide
Artwork of a Thorn-Ball from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Thorn-Ball sprites from Virtual Boy Wario Land
Sprite showing the two different appearances of Thorn-Ball.

Thorn-Ball[1] is an enemy found in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. They are only encountered in Stage 13, within enclosed rooms in groups of two or three. Thorn-Balls are very similar in appearance to the generic bumblebee. Thorn-Balls continually eject spiked balls from the opening on the top of their head, which then falls and potentially harm Wario.

Thorn-Balls tend to reside in the foreground and background of the level, therefore they cannot touched by Wario. However, Wario is able to prevent harm from a single spiked ball by holding another enemy, such as a Mask-Guy, in between himself and the falling ball. This will cause both the picked-up enemy and the ball to disappear, but the Thorn-Ball will release another ball after a few seconds.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つぼはち[2]
Tsubo Hachi
Pot Bee


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