Beaver (Virtual Boy Wario Land)

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This article is about the characters from Virtual Boy Wario Land. For the enemies also referred to as Beavers, see Gnawty.

Beavers are characters that appear in Virtual Boy Wario Land. One first appears in the opening, spitting a stream of water on the napping Wario and waking him up, causing him to notice a line of Mask-Guys. The beaver makes appearances between levels, where he watches TV and mops the floor during the bonus stages and tallies Wario's progress on the map screen. In the ending, if Wario does not collect all ten treasures beneath the Awazon river basin and cannot open the treasure vault behind the Aldegara Waterfall; Wario discovers that a family of beavers has destroyed his plane, Bulldog, leaving him stranded in the jungle. Wario grabs and threatens one of the beavers; however, the beaver offers to provide Wario with an alternate method of transportation, in exchange for the coins he has collected throughout his adventure. Wario reluctantly agrees, and the beaver is seen carrying Wario's coins away. Depending on how many coins Wario has collected, the items that the beavers give Wario include two fans which Wario flaps with his arms, a bike attached to a miniature blimp, a dragon-like creature and its children, and a remote-controlled rocket.