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Artwork of a Mask-Guy from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
“A timid creature, Mask-Guy masks his identity while seeking to destroy Wario's plans.”
Mask-Guy description, Nintendo Character Guide

Mask-Guys[1] are enemies encountered in Virtual Boy Wario Land. Like Pirate Gooms in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, they are the first enemy in the game that can damage Wario, using a spear-like weapon. Three Mask-Guys are seen in the game's opening cutscene, where Wario catches sight of them carrying treasure chests into a cave behind the Aldegara Waterfall. Following them, he sees the Mask-Guys storing treasure into a vault in the cave's wall. Wario then overcomes the creatures with a Barge, and turns his attention on the treasure. However, the floor starts to crumble out from beneath him, and he falls into a precipice deep within the earth. In the game's manual, Wario "vows revenge" on these creatures, saying, "I will get their treasure!!!"

Sprite of a Mask-Guy from Virtual Boy Wario Land. Sprite of a Mask-Guy without a mask, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.

During gameplay, the Mask-Guy species are one of the more common enemies in the game, appearing in most of the levels (with the exception of underwater stages). They are able to harm Wario with the spear protruding out from the creature's mask, and will charge at a high speed if they catch sight of Wario, harming him if he comes in contact with the point of the sharp spear. Wario is able to defeat these enemies by dealing a Body Slam to the head, or a Barge from behind. They can also be stunned by a standard jump to the head.

Unlike most species of masked enemies within the Super Mario franchise of games, the player is able to see what is underneath a Mask-Guy's mask. Wario can achieve this by bumping the creature from behind, without the power of a Barge. Its mask will then slip off and slide a short distance away. The Mask-Guy will then rush to retrieve the mask. Wario is able to pick up the mask and use it as an object to throw. If the Mask-Guy is not able to retrieve its mask, it will defeat itself.

Flame Mask-Guy is a separate enemy that resembles regular Mask-Guys, although it has spikes over its body and the ability to release flames from its nose. Wario is also able to remove the mask from these creatures in the same way as a regular Mask-Guy, and there is no difference in its true form.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コスキー[2]
Possibly from「矛」(hoko, spear) and a corruption of「突き」(tsuki, thrust)


  • Mask-Guy may be based on the tengu, a creature from Japanese folklore, which has a long nose, similar to Mask-Guy's spike. Their faces are also often used as inspiration for masks.


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