Tank and Operator

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Tank and Operator
Sprite of Tank and Operator, from Virtual Boy Wario Land
Species Unknown
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

The Tank and Operator[1] is the third boss encountered in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. As the name suggests, this boss consists of two objects: the Tank, and the Operator. The Operator is a small, round blob-like creature with two eyes, pointy ears and no legs. It operates the Tank: a vehicle which appears to be some sort of pot with a flip-top lid and two handles, and wheels which allow it to move around the stage. The most promintent feature of the Tank is the guesome face which is seen on its front. The "nose" of the tank acts as a barrel of a weapon.

Screenshot of the Tank and Operator. The Operator is scrambling to reach the safety of the Tank, after Wario has released it.
Screenshot of the battle with Tank and Operator. The Operator is scrambling to reach the safety of the Tank, after Wario has released it.

Upon defeating the guard of Stage 12, a Jump Transporter will appear on the ground. Wario can use this to jump towards the boss door, which will open as he approaches. The door has an image of the Tank on it. After Wario has entered the boss room, images will flicker around the room. These images will quickly take the form of Tank and Operator, who will reside in the background of the level and throw bombs at Wario, who begins in the foreground of the stage. Wario is able to move between the background and foreground of the stage using the Jump Transporters seen on the ground. Tank and Operator will be able to teleport between both areas, though it will usually try to keep to the opposite side to where Wario is found. The Tank and Operator will continuously try to attack Wario using one of two methods: either throwing bombs or launching explosive discs. Bombs will be thrown from the Operator in rounds of five or more, which will fall in an arc and explode as they hit the ground. Wario will be harmed if he is to get hit by one, though it is possible to safely jump off one while moving. Explosive discs will occasionally be launched from the nose of the Tank in groups of five. These discs will remain evenly spaced apart as they move horizontally across the screen. They will explode and harm Wario if he is to touch them.

In order to defeat Tank and Operator, Wario must first get close enough to be able to jump on the Tank. Once done so, the Operator will fall out, making it vulnerable. During the brief few seconds when the Operator is running back to the safety of the Tank, Wario is able to stomp or body slam on it to inflict damage. Other means of attack, such as Barge, will be ineffective. If Wario is to stand in the way of the Operator while it is scrambling to return to the Tank, the Operator will roughly push past Wario. Hitting the Operator three times will defeat it, and cause the Tank to explode, giving Wario the victory. After the Coin Shower event which occurs after every boss, Wario will be granted the key to that stage's elevator, allowing him to progress to Stage 13 of the game.