Chain-Saw Fish

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“This lethal fish wears a hockey mask and has a power tool for a nose. Chain-Saw Fish is looking forward to cutting Wario down to size!”
Chain-Saw Fish description, Nintendo Character Guide
Chain-Saw Fish
Artwork of a Chain-Saw Fish from Virtual Boy Wario Land
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Sprite of a Chain-Saw Fish, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.

Chain-Saw Fish[1] are enemies encountered in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. They resemble real life sawsharks, although wearing a hockey mask with a chainsaw protruding outward. They are found in several underwater stages of the game, first being seen in Stage 3. Chain-Saw Fishes swim back and forth across an area. If Wario is nearby, they will frown, and then swim at high speed towards Wario, aiming to harm him.

Chain-Saw Fishes can be defeated by striking the underbelly of the fish. They can also be destroyed by the flames of Sea Dragon or King Dragon Wario.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チェンソン[2]
Possibly a portmanteau of "chainsaw" and "Jason" (from "Jason Voorhees", the antagonist of Friday the 13th who wears a hockey mask)


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