Face Ball

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Not to be confused with Spark Chaser.
Face Ball
Face Ball sprite
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

Face Ball[1] is a mini-boss seen in the game Virtual Boy Wario Land. They are only seen in Stage 10. Face Balls are large, levitating balls with a face that resembles a Phanto mask. They are found in decorated rooms that show mounted masks of Face Ball on the walls of the background. The real Face Ball will begin to flash and come to life as Wario enters the room and approaches it.

The path ahead is sealed as the Face Ball moves into the stage's foreground. It then produces three Little Face Balls, smaller versions of the enemy with spikes protruding from their underside. Little Face Balls will float towards the ground, harming Wario if he makes contact with the spikes. After releasing them, the Face Ball then moves across the screen while releasing a harmful substance from its mouth. This can be interrupted if Wario bumps or stomps on the Face Ball. This will cause it to bounce around the room and release another round of Little Face Balls.

Little Face Balls can be stunned by stomping the top of their head. They can then be thrown at the large Face Ball, causing the mini-boss to shrink and fall out of sight in the background. The path to the next room will also open up. There are a total of four Face Ball rooms in the stage.