Thorny Fish

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Thorny Fish
Sprite of a Thorny Fish, from Virtual Boy Wario Land
First appearance Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Screenshot of Wario with a Thorny Fish, from Virtual Boy Wario Land.
Screenshot of Wario facing a Thorny Fish, with a school of fish nearby.

A Thorny Fish is an enemy appearing in Virtual Boy Wario Land. Four of them appear in separate areas of Stage 3, an underwater stage. A single Thorny Fish also appears in a small underwater area of Stage 7. They swim back and forth between the background and foreground of the stage, with a school of fish often following them closely. While a Thorny Fish is in the background of a stage, it moves slower, appears dark and is unable to harm Wario. On the other hand, a Thorny Fish in the foreground moves faster, and is able to cause damage to Wario.

They can be defeated by using the flames of the Sea Dragon or King Dragon Wario transformation, or swimming upward and striking their vulnerable underside.