Elvin Gadd (past)

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Elvin Gadd
Sprite of Elvin Gadd (past)
Species Human
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Portrayed by Kazumi Totaka
“Oh, criminy, I have guests! I was so caught up in my research I didn't notice you.”
Elvin Gadd, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Elvin Gadd is the younger version of Professor Elvin Gadd who appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, identical in appearance to his older self, with the exception of his hair being black, his voice being higher pitched and having no wrinkles on his face. Of all the characters who have younger selves, Elvin Gadd is the only one that does not interact with his present-day self. Elvin Gadd is encountered in his lab on Thwomp Volcano as it is erupting, studying Thwomps and the history of the volcano itself. During the eruption, Elvin Gadd's lab is destroyed by Thwomps that fall through the building, including a massive, flaming one that is about to explode. Seeing Baby Mario douse the giant Thwomp, the memories of his present-day self suddenly start to be rearranged, and he has the idea of building the Hydrogush 4000.

Afterward, Elvin Gadd mentions that he plans on relocating to an affordable lab at the edge of Boo Woods for "paranormal research", a reference to Luigi's Mansion, and he is not seen again for the rest of the game. As his old lab is destroyed, it cannot be revisited.


  • "Oh, criminy, I have guests! I was so caught up in my research I didn't notice you."
  • "The name's Elvin Gadd. I'm studying the Thwomps history of this here mountain."
  • "How'd all these storytellers get here and why're they so darn angry about everything? That ancient mystery's the only thing that gets my brain all a-percolating."
  • "Quick! We've gotta put out the flames! Water! Water! Spray water on the fire! I know there's a water valve around here somewhere!"
  • "Thanks to you all for playin' firemen, but my lab's done for."
  • "Don't you sweat it, though. I hear there's an affordable lab at the edge of Boo Woods."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 過去のオヤ・マー博士[1]
Kako no Oya Mā-hakase
Elvin Gadd of the past
Italian Professor Strambic Giovane
Walter A. (Alvin) Pesca[2]
Young Professor E. Gadd
The name sounds like "Vattelapesca", a word used as a placeholder for a not known name, deriving from "Vattelo a pescare" (Go on and find it out)
Spanish Fesor Fesor is from profesor (which means "professor") with the first three letters removed


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