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“こっちにもペットの キャンキャンが いるのよ。(We also have a pet: Kyankyan.)”
Elder Princess Shroob, Super Mario-kun
The Elder Princess Shroob's Chain Chomp
Elder Princess Shroob summons Kyankyan
Kyankyan in Super Mario-kun

Kyankyan (referred to in the strategy guide as Chain Chomp[1]) is the Elder Princess Shroob's Chain Chomp that appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Being (presumably) native of the Shroob planet, she has a purple coloration and red eyes with a black sclera.

During the first phase against the Elder Princess Shroob, if there is just one Shroob saucer in the upper screen, the Princess may attack the Mario Bros. with Kyankyan, who lunges at them. To avoid her, the brothers must jump.

In Super Mario-kun volume 37, during the final fight with the Shroob princesses, Princess Peach attempts to attack the elder princess with Mario's Pocket Chomp, like they did with the younger. The Elder Princess Shroob, however, summons Kyankyan, depicted as a female and petite Chain Chomp with a ribbon and makeup. Peach is unthreatened by Kyankyan's comical appearance, but the Pocket Chomp ends up falling in love with her, and both of them spend the rest of the battle exchanging kisses with each other. After both Shroob princesses are defeated, Kyankyan is seen being adopted by the people of the Mushroom Kingdom so she can stay with Pocket Chomp.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャンキャン[2]
Onomatopoeia for dogs barking;
Following the format of「ワンワン」(Wanwan, "Chain Chomp")



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