List of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time media

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This is a list of media files for the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


Audio.svg Title theme - The title theme
01 Title.oga
File infoMedia:01 Title.oga
Audio.svg Peach's Castle - The theme for Peach's Castle
04 Peach's Castle.oga
File infoMedia:04 Peach's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Hollijolli Path - The theme for Hollijolli Path and tutorials for new outside-of-battle techniques
09 Hollijolli Path.oga
File infoMedia:09 Hollijolli Path.oga
Audio.svg Battle theme - The normal battle theme
10 Battle.oga
File infoMedia:10 Battle.oga
Audio.svg Boss Battle theme - The boss battle theme
11 Boss Battle.oga
File infoMedia:11 Boss Battle.oga
Audio.svg Hollijolli Village - The theme for Hollijolli Village
13 Hollijolli Village.oga
File infoMedia:13 Hollijolli Village.oga
Audio.svg Baby Bowser's Castle - The theme for Baby Bowser's Castle
16 Bowser's Castle.oga
File infoMedia:16 Bowser's Castle.oga
Audio.svg Toadwood Forest - The theme for Toadwood Forest
18 Toadwood Forest.oga
File infoMedia:18 Toadwood Forest.oga
Audio.svg The Vim Factory - The theme for the Vim Factory
19 Vim Factory.oga
File infoMedia:19 Vim Factory.oga
Audio.svg Yoshi Village - The theme for the Yoshi Village
20 Yoshi Village.oga
File infoMedia:20 Yoshi Village.oga
Audio.svg Yoshi's Island - The theme for Yoshi's Island
21 Yoshi's Island.oga
File infoMedia:21 Yoshi's Island.oga
Audio.svg Yoob's Belly - The theme for Yoob's Belly
22 Yoob's Belly.oga
File infoMedia:22 Yoob's Belly.oga
Audio.svg Gritzy Desert - The theme for Gritzy Desert
23 Gritzy Desert.oga
File infoMedia:23 Gritzy Desert.oga
Audio.svg The Koopaseum - The theme for the Koopaseum
24 The Koopaseum.oga
File infoMedia:24 The Koopaseum.oga
Audio.svg Gritzy Caves - The theme for Gritzy Caves
25 Gritzy Caves.oga
File infoMedia:25 Gritzy Caves.oga
Audio.svg Thwomp Volcano - The theme for Thwomp Volcano
27 Thwomp Volcano.oga
File infoMedia:27 Thwomp Volcano.oga
Audio.svg Thwomp Caverns - The theme for Thwomp Caverns
28 Thwomp Caverns.oga
File infoMedia:28 Thwomp Caverns.oga
Audio.svg Toad Town - The theme for Toad Town
29 Toad Town.oga
File infoMedia:29 Toad Town.oga
Audio.svg Star Hill - The theme for Star Hill
30 Star Hill.oga
File infoMedia:30 Star Hill.oga
Audio.svg Star Shrine - The theme for Star Shrine
31 Star Shrine.oga
File infoMedia:31 Star Shrine.oga
Audio.svg Shroob Castle - The theme for Shroob Castle
32 Shroobs' Castle.oga
File infoMedia:32 Shroobs' Castle.oga
Audio.svg Princess Shroob Battle - The battle theme for Princess Shroob
33 Princess Shroob Battle.oga
File infoMedia:33 Princess Shroob Battle.oga
Audio.svg Elder Princess Shroob Battle - The battle theme for Elder Princess Shroob
35 Elder Princess Shroob Battle.oga
File infoMedia:35 Elder Princess Shroob Battle.oga
Audio.svg Shrowser Battle - The battle theme for Bowser and Shrowser
36 Bowser Battle.oga
File infoMedia:36 Bowser Battle.oga
Audio.svg Credits - The credits theme
38 Staff Credits.oga
File infoMedia:38 Staff Credits.oga
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