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Partners in Time enemy
Animated idle of a Green Gnarantula Animated idle of Gnarantula Animated idle of a Red Gnarantula
Location(s) Yoshi's Island
Role Common
Battled by Baby Mario & Baby Luigi
HP 30
POW 34 (28)
Defense 23 (24)
Speed 34
Experience 15
Level 9
Coins 5
Item drop Smash Egg – 8%
1-Up Mushroom – 2%
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).
Baby Luigi about to hammer a Gnarantula.
Baby Luigi using his hammer on a Gnarantula

Gnarantulas are cloud-covered arachnids found in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, found in the skies or caves in Yoshi's Island. Their name is a portmanteau of the words "gnaw" and "tarantula," though they more closely resemble ants, having only four visible legs, sideways jaws, and two antennae. Only Baby Mario and Baby Luigi can encounter them. The cloud hides their body; when attacked, a Gnarantula's unmasked form is revealed. There are two forms of Gnarantulas: the green, spiked Gnarantula, and the red, spike-less Gnarantula. Since there is no way to tell which kind of Gnarantula one is without attacking, it is recommended that they should be hit with a hammer rather than a jump so the player does not end up taking damage from the unseen spikes of the green Gnarantula. However, a jump First Strike is always effective and instantly removes the clouds from all Gnarantulas in the battle. The green variety is vulnerable to fire attacks, while the red variety is vulnerable to ice. To attack, a Gnarantula jumps, then jumps again in mid-air, eventually falling to the ground and crushing an opponent. This attack can be countered with a hammer.

Gnarantulas can be fought alongside Pidgits. If there are four Gnaratulas with no other enemies in battle, all the Gnaratulas to the right will be green and all the Gnaratulas on the left will be red.

Gnarantulas seem to reference Lakitus and Spinies, with each of its three forms resembling the latter or the former in some way (red Gnarantulas resemble cloud-less Lakitus with the colours of Spinies, green ones resemble Spinies with the colours of Lakitus, and the clouds they have look like the clouds on which Lakitus are often seen). The Gnarantulas, particularly the red variant, also visually resemble the Spoing and Sprangler enemies from Super Mario Galaxy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クモンチュラ
Portmanteau of「雲」(kumo, cloud),「蜘蛛」(kumo, spider), and "tarantula"

French Nebulantula
From "nebula" and "tarantula"
German Gnarantula
Italian Gnarantola
Masculine form of English name "Gnarantula"
Korean 뭉게튤라
From "뭉게구름" (munggegureum, cumulus) and "타란튤라" (tarantyulla, tarantula)

Spanish Nuberántula
From "nube" (cloud) and "tarántula"