Dr. Shroob

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Partners in Time enemy
Dr. Shroob
Dr. Shroob.gif
Location(s) Vim Factory
HP 46 (45)
POW 40
Defense 32 (29)
Speed 23
Experience 18
Level 8
Coins 10
Item drop Mushroom Drop – 12%
Bro Flower – 3%
Battled by Anyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

Dr. Shroobs are yellow Shroobs that appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They wear thick, swirly glasses. Dr. Shroobs are found in the Vim Factory, where they presumably monitored the factory's vim transformation process.


DrShroobitem MnL2.png

In battle, Dr. Shroobs attack with a ray gun, just like a regular Shroob. The energy blasts can be jumped over. Dr. Shroobs also use two items in battle: red Mushrooms and gray Mushrooms. The Dr. Shroob will hold its Mushroom out for a turn before using the item; if attacked while holding a mushroom, it drops the item.

The red Mushrooms make Dr. Shroob gigantic, while gray Mushrooms make Dr. Shroob tiny. After eating a Mushroom (regardless of color), the Dr. Shroob then attacks by charging into its opponent, inflicting more damage if big or less damage if small. Dr. Shroob's charge attack can be countered with a Hammer. During the boss fight against Swiggler, when Dr. Shroobs are attacked, their mushrooms fall into the Swiggler's drink; red mushrooms heal Swiggler, and gray mushrooms weaken it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲドンコドクター
Gedonko Dokutā
Shroob Doctor
French Dr Xhampi Dr. Shroob ("Xhampi" is the French name for Shroob)
German Dr. Shroob -
Italian Dottor Shroob Shroob Doctor
Korean 게돈코닥터
Gedonko Dakteo
Shroob Doctor
Spanish Dr. Shroob -


  • During the battle with Swiggler, the four Mario Bros. are awarded Experience Points and Coins for every Dr. Shroob that is defeated, meaning the player can delay the end of the fight to boost their coin amount and increase their experience levels.[1]


  1. ^ TMK Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Enemy Guide. Some stats were changed from the original American version of the game to the Japanese and European versions.