Shrooba Diver

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Partners in Time enemy
Shrooba Diver
Animated idle of a Shrooba Diver
Location(s) Gritzy Desert
Role Common
Battled by Anyone
HP 76
POW 72
Defense 50
Speed 34
Experience 32
Level 14
Coins 8
Item drop Super Mushroom – 4%
Blue Pepper – 1%
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

Shrooba Divers are enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, where they are found in the Gritzy Desert. They are green Shroobs with white spots that wear scuba masks and oxygen tanks, and have the ability to "swim" in sand. Their name is a pun on "Shroob" and "scuba diver". Shrooba Divers try to ambush Mario and Luigi by surfacing under them in the overworld. They are fought alone or in pairs, and also appear alongside Pokeys and Bob-ombs.


Shrooba Divers raise their hand and spin as they tunnel under the sand, leaping out to try and dive into Mario or Luigi; Baby Mario and Baby Luigi must counter this attack with the hammer. The Shrooba Diver raises its right hand for Mario, and its left for Luigi. Shrooba Divers can also swim through the sand towards one of the Bros. and circle back towards the other from behind; the attack can be dodged and countered by jumping, and can trip Mario or Luigi if it hits them.

Occasionally, the Shrooba Divers may jump and dive into the sand, then pull out an object to throw at the Bros.; objects thrown with the right hand target Mario, while objects thrown with the left target Luigi. They can pull out either a circular cactus or a Sand Cheep. The cactus must be dodged by jumping, while the Sand Cheep bounces overhead and will damage the Bros. if they jump into it. Shrooba Divers take critical damage from the Ice Flower Bros. Item, and may drop a Super Mushroom or Blue Pepper upon defeat.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲドンコダイバー
Gedonko Daibā
Shroob Diver

French Xhaphandrier
Portmanteau of "Xhampi" (Shroob) and "scaphandrier" (scuba diver)
German Shrooba-Taucher
Shrooba Diver
Italian Shroommozzatore
Portmanteau of "Shroob" and "sommozzatore" (scuba diver)
Korean 게돈코다이버
Gedonko Daibeo
Shroob Diver

Spanish Arenashroob
From "arena" (sand) and "Shroob"