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This article is about the Pink Coins in Super Mario Maker. For the coins in Super Mario Run, see Pink Coin (Super Mario Run).
Pink Coin
Pink Coin SMB3.gif
A Pink Coin in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style
A pink coin with a key symbol.

First appearance

Super Mario Maker (version 1.40) (2016)

Latest appearance

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (2016)

Effect on player

Reveals a key after all are collected.
Super Mario Bros. style
Super Mario Bros. 3 style
Super Mario World style
New Super Mario Bros. U style

Pink Coins[1] are a type of coin added to Super Mario Maker through a software update released on March 9, 2016. It can be produced by shaking a coin when editing a level. They are similar in appearance to Red Coins, and share a similar sound effect when obtained as well. If Mario collects all the Pink Coins in the level, a key will appear, which can be used to unlock a locked door. A maximum of five Pink Coins can be placed in the main level, in addition to another maximum of five in the sub-level, for a maximum of ten in the entire level. All Pink Coins are part of the same collection and all go towards one key, even if two sets of coins are put into both the main and sub-level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Pièce rose Pink coin

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