Zappa Mechakoopa

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Zappa Mechakoopa
Zappa NSMB.png
A Zappa Mechakoopa in the New Super Mario Bros. U game style.
First appearance Super Mario Maker 2 (version 3.0.0) (2020)
Variant of Mechakoopa
The Zappa Mechakoopas' lasers destroying the wall

Zappa Mechakoopas are a blue and cyan variant of Mechakoopas that were introduced in the version 3.0.0 update for Super Mario Maker 2. They behave much like other Mechakoopa types, however, they repeatedly stop and fire beams of electricity which travel up to 20 blocks of open space. These beams of electricity are capable of destroying Brick Blocks and Rotating Blocks and activating POW Blocks. When enlarged with a Super Mushroom, their electricity beams will destroy any block that Big Mario is also capable of breaking. In the nighttime ground theme, they gain rocket boosters, and can fly for a short period of time, like their normal and Blasta variants.

As with Mechakoopas and Blasta Mechakoopas, Zappa Mechakoopas do not appear in the Super Mario 3D World game style.