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Not to be confused with Mechakoopa or Mecha-Bowser.
Side image of the Mekakuppa
Species Robot
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 2 (1991)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun volume 4 (1992)

The Mekakuppa is a giant robotic Bowser, appeared in two occasions in the Super Mario World story arc in Super Mario-kun.

In chapter 2 of volume 2, Bowser is angry at the failures of his minions, so he activates the Mekakuppa, knowing Mario and his friends are headed to Vanilla Dome. The trio is attacked by the robot, which tries to stomp with its feet, then crushes them with metal nasal mucus. Mario tries to fight back using Yoshi as a bat, but ends up angering the Mekakuppa, which pulls out a giant drill from its wrist. While trying to hit Mario, the Mekakuppa creates a hole in the Vanilla Dome, creating a connection with Vanilla Dome 3's lake. From that, the Dolphins fall into the lake and take Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to the surface, where Mario plugs the hole, trapping the robot. However, the Mekakuppa resurfaces and knocks out the trio. Mario flies away with a Power Balloon and finds a 3-Up Moon in the sky and becomes Moon Mario. While being unfazed by the robot's laser, Mario grabs a Cape Feather in the Item Stock, then tickles the Mekakuppa's nose, making him sneeze out all of his mechanical components. Mario then rebuilds the robot into a Ferris wheel.

In the first part of chapter 11 of volume 4, while traversing the Bowser's Castle hall full of Bowser Statues, a giant Bowser Statue emerges from the lava. Mario tries to destroy it with a punch, but realizes it is not made of stone, but metal, discovering it is the Mekakuppa, rebuilt and painted. Mario, however, gets the upper hand and, being badly rebuilt, the Mekakuppa explodes after a well-placed hit from Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メカクッパ
Mechabowser; shared with Mechakoopa and Mecha-Bowser

French Robowser[1]
Portmanteau of "robot" and "Bowser"


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