Koopa no Yukidaruma

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Koopa no Yukidaruma
Bowser SnowmanKoopa no Yukidaruma mess
Species Snowman
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)
“ぶさいくで けちで いじわるで へがくさい いやみな、クッパさまの 意志を持って いるのだ。(It's ugly, stingy, and messy, and it has the will of Bowser.)”
Lakitu, Super Mario-kun

Koopa no Yukidaruma is a giant snowman shaped like Bowser, antagonist of the sixth chapter of volume 1 of Super Mario-kun.

In that chapter, Lakitu attacks Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi by creating a snow valley in Donut Plains, then creates a giant snowman in the shape of Bowser. Mario and Luigi laugh at the statue's crooked eyes, which then attacks them, offended. Lakitu explains that the statue has not only the shape of Bowser, but also his personality. The trio tries to burn it with their combined fireballs, but the snowman's ice breath freezes the fireball as well as Luigi and Yoshi.

Mario saves himself with the Cape and attacks it with a snowball, but ends up only powering it up. Finally, with a cape twirl, Mario defeats the snowman, but Lakitu commands it to recompose itself, but it does so badly and blames Lakitu for it. The snowman head, with limbs and spikes, rolls towards Mario, but he saves himself by using a vine to reach Lakitu, takes over his cloud, and tosses him on the snowman, stopping his movements and unfreezing Luigi and Yoshi.

Later, Luigi has fun with Lakitu's Cloud and creates a Luigi snowman, while Yoshi eats the unmoving, but still alive, Bowser snowman.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパのだるま[1]
Kuppa no Yukidaruma
Bowser Snowman

French Bowser de Neige[2]
Snow Bowser


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