Mizzter Blizzard

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Sticker Star Enemy
Mizzter Blizzard
Mizzter Blizzard PMSS.png
Location(s) Bowser's Snow Fort
Max HP 100
Attack 10
Defense Quarters all damage
Moves Snowball Throw (10)
Stickers N/A
“I was disappearing...From ice to fog...Returning to the sky...I just wanted a body that wouldn't melt...”
Mizzter Blizzard, Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Mizzter Blizzard is a Mr. Blizzard that acts as the boss of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It takes on the form of the Bowser Snow Statue before revealing its true self. He is fought in Bowser's Snow Fort and wears the blue Royal Sticker.


Mizzter Blizzard was an ordinary Mr. Blizzard who was melting due to spring coming. Mizzter Blizzard wished upon the Sticker Star for a body that wouldn't melt. When Bowser touched the Sticker Star and split it up, the blue Royal Sticker ended up atop Mizzter Blizzard's now-melted body. Due to the power of the sticker, Mizzter Blizzard was revived and gained a new, never-melting body as the form of the Bowser Snow Statue.

At the end of the battle, Mizzter Blizzard apologizes to Mario for the trouble and chaos he has caused and hopes to be rebuilt again the next time snow falls so they could meet on more peaceful terms. The Snow Statue form is the largest boss of the game, even larger than Bowser's Giant form.


The Bowser Snow Statue

Mizzter Blizzard starts off the battle as the Bowser Snow Statue, which towers over Mario. As the Snow Statue, Mizzter Blizzard can either stomp on Mario or attempt to freeze him with an icy breath. Every time Mizzter Blizzard loses 100 HP, the Snow Statue breaks down and a smaller is revealed, in a similar fashion to a Matryoshka doll. Each of the smaller Bowser Statue forms are weaker than the last, but their ice breath can still freeze Mario. If Mario uses an ice-based attack, it will heal him. If fire-based stickers are used, the damage dealt to Mizzter Blizzard will increase. Certain Thing Stickers may cause the game to crash when used against this boss, such as the Bowling Ball.

When the third Bowser Snow Statue is destroyed, Mizzter Blizzard reveals his true form. Mizzter Blizzard's only attack in this form is tossing a snowball at Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパせつぞう/ボススローマン
Kuppa Setsuzou/Bosu Surōman
Bowser Snow Statue/Boss Throwman; "Throwman" being Mr. Blizzard's Japanese name
Spanish (NOA) Bowser de hielo/Señor Frido Ice Bowser/Mister Frido (Frido is a portmanteau of 'frío' (cold) and 'Fredo', a spanish name)
Spanish (NOE) Bowser de hielo/Fulgurufrido Ice Bowser/Fulgurous Frido (Frido is a portmanteau of 'frío' (cold) and 'Fredo', a spanish name)
French Bowser de Neige/Môssieur Blizzard Snow Bowser/Mister Blizzard (Môssieur being a deformation of "Monsieur", that is used negatively to describe pretentious people).
German Bowser-Schneefigur/Meister Schneeman Bowser Snow Figure/Master Snowman
Italian Bowser di neve/Mastro Bufera Snow Bowser/Master Blizzard
Chinese 庫巴雪雕/雪球人老大 (Traditional)
酷霸王雪雕/雪球人头头 (Simplified)
Kùbā Xuědiāo/Xuěqiúrén Lǎodà
Kùbàwáng Xuědiāo/Xuěqiúrén Tóutou
Bowser Snow Statue/Mr. Blizzard Boss


  • Mizzter Blizzard's poem is different in the British English version; each line rhymes with "snow" instead of "melt".