Bowser on Ice

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Bowser on Ice
SMG2 Freezy Flake Bowser On Ice.png
Location Freezy Flake Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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“Those weird snow sculptures give me the creeps! I'm too scared to leave my house... Boiyoing...”
Star Bunny, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bowser on Ice is the first mission of the Freezy Flake Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission makes use of the Fire Flower.


The player starts next to a cottage on a small, disk-shaped planet. Using the Fire Flower power-up nearby, the player has to move to the underside of the planet and torch the Goomba sculpture with a fireball to reveal a Launch Star that will send the player to the next planet. On the Snow Doll Koopa Planet, the player needs to use another Fire Flower and run to the bottom of the hill to find a large Bowser sculpture. Hitting it with three fireballs will cause it to melt and reveal a tunnel that the player will slide down, leading to the next planet.

On the Snow Block Tico Search Planet, the player needs to use a Fire Flower to melt the large Brick Blocks made of snow to find a Warp Pipe that leads to the final planet. On the Lava Snow Ball Convey Planet, the player needs to kick a large snowball across a pool of lava to create a path of snow and reach the center of the planet with the large Bowser sculpture. Using a Fire Flower, the player needs to burn the Bowser sculpture three times to fully melt it and reveal the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 溶岩池の クッパ雪像
Yōgan ike no Kuppa setsuzō
Bowser Snow Statue of the Lava Pool
Chinese 熔岩池的庫巴雪雕
Róngyán Chí dè Kùbā Xuědiāo
Bowser Snow Statue of the Lava Pool
French (NOA) Statue de glace dans lac de lave Statue of ice in lava lake
French (NOE) La statue de glace du lac de lave The statue of ice in the lava lake
German Ein Schneebowser im Lavasee A Snowy Bowser in the lava lake
Italian Bowser di ghiaccio sulla lava Ice Bowser on the lava
Korean 용암 호수의 쿠파눈사람
Yongam hosu ui Kupa nunsaram
Bowser Snowman on the Lava Lake
Spanish La estatua de Bowser en el lago de lava Bowser's statue on the lava lake