Melty Monster Galaxy

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Melty Monster Galaxy
Melty Monster Galaxy.png
Area World 6
How to unlock Defeat Bowser Jr. in Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker
Comet(s) Green Comet
Mission(s) The Magnificent Magma Sea
A Stroll Down Rolling Lane
The Chimp's Bowling Challenge
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon A single Magmaargh Planet that has a Magmaargh on it and is surrounded by three smaller lava planets like it
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Not to be confused with Melty Molten Galaxy.

Melty Monster Galaxy is the first galaxy of World 6 in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The galaxy is completely covered in lava, with a magma tide that rises and falls every so often. The main obstacle here is the magma and its tide. As the name suggests, the most common enemies in the galaxy include giant lava monsters known as Magmaarghs and Magmaws. However, Octogoombas, Li'l Cinders, and Pinheads are also found.

This galaxy does not have a Prankster Comet until the player unlocks the Green Stars.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

Mario on the Starting Planet in the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario on the Starting Planet.

Mario arrives in this galaxy on a small concrete platform floating in the void. On the platform, there is a Warp Pipe that sends the hero to the Bowling Lane area.

Magmaargh Planets[edit]

Mario floating down the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario using the Pull Stars to get past among the Magmaargh Planets.

Near the starting platform, there is a group of five small lava-covered planets that Mario cannot reach. Magmaarghs are the only creatures that inhabit these planets, lurking in the lava and attacking by surprising their prey. A set of Pull Stars are found among the Lava Planets in the first mission, The Magnificent Magma Sea. The player must carefully navigate the Pull Stars while avoiding the Magmaarghs to reach the Launch Star. The Launch Star takes Mario to another Launch Star which the player must quickly use to avoid a lunging Magmaargh.

Magma Sea Planet[edit]

Mario using a tornado in the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario using a tornado on the Magma Sea Planet.
Mario on the Magma Sea Planet in the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario on the Magma Sea.

This planet has many volcanoes on its surface, and there is a river of lava where Mario lands. Waves of lava can cover some low platforms, so the player needs to reach higher ground to be safe. Octoombas, a Li'l Cinder and a single Magmaargh roams this planet. Near the river, there are also tornadoes that Mario must use to make his way up a lava fall.

Magmaw Planet[edit]

Mario avoiding Magmaws in the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario near the Magmaw Planet.

This isolated planet looks similar to the Lava Planets, but it has a small field of asteroids surrounding it. Mario can only access these asteroids. Even though they are very close to the surface of the planet, the gravity of the lava planet does not affect Mario, as he can run all around on the asteroids. The planet has several Magmaws moving around. Their mouths are open as they move, engulfing the asteroids temporarily and burning Mario. Another Magmaargh is found here hidden among the Magmaws. A Comet Medal is found on one of the asteroids, and a Crystal located on the planet contains the mission's Power Star.

Rolling Lane[edit]

Rock Mario takes a ramp in the level A Stroll Down Rolling Lane in the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario taking the ramp to the Launch Star that will take him to Rolling Lane.

This zone is a long path where the Rock Mushroom is used. This area has many platforms, some of which are separated by large voids. The Rolling Lane is an area that only Rock Mario can pass, as the zone has jump ramps that only Mario in his Boulder form can use to cross the gaps and reach the platforms. A few sections of the road are protected by rubber fences, and if Rock Mario rolls towards them, he will rebound back.

Mario rolling down the Melty Monster Galaxy
Mario near the beginning of the Rolling Lane
SMG2 Melty Monster End of Rolling Lane.png
Mario near the end of the course

Bowling Lane[edit]

Rock Mario bowling over Pinheads in the Bowling Lane.
The Chimp giving Mario a Power Star
The Chimp grants Mario a Power Star for clearing his challenge.

The Bowling Lane is a special area that Mario can only reach via the Warp Pipe found on the starting planet. This area is sort of similar to the Rolling Lane. Mario must use the Rock Mushroom to play a bowling game, earning points by smashing Pinheads, the only enemies found on the planet. The Chimp, who is in charge of the game, is found here. If Mario walks over the blue line, it will be a foul, and the Pinheads will disappear until Mario steps back again.



Level Image Summary
The Magnificent Magma Sea SMG2 Melty Monster Magnificent Magma Sea.png This mission's objective is to navigate the galaxy and avoid Magmaws.
A Stroll Down Rolling Lane SMG2 Rolling Lane Star Crystal.png This mission's objective is to use the Rock Mushroom to roll down the Rolling Lane.
The Chimp's Bowling Challenge SMG2 Melty Monster Chimps Bowling Challenge.png This mission's objective is to beat The Chimp's high score in a bowling challenge.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Luigi floating to the first Green Star.

This Green Star is located between two lava planets, above the Launch Star. Mario must quickly use the last two aligned Pull Stars once the Magmarrgh passes by, grabbing onto the last one. If the player lets go before Mario is in the center of the Pull Star, he will have enough speed to make it past the Launch Star and to the Green Star.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Luigi about to get the second Green Star

This Green Star is located on the Magma Sea Planet. At the end of the tornado path, Mario must grab the vine, get maximum momentum, and jump to the Green Star. It is also possible, to get to the Green Star without the vine by using the last tornado but it is much harder that way.

Planets Visited

Green Star 3[edit]

Luigi rolling towards the last Green Star.

This Green Star is located on the Rolling Lane. The player must use Rock Mario until he reaches the last platform in the section shaped like an "N". The Green Star is not far off from the bottom right point, so the player must bounce Mario off of the top left point, and then aim towards the bottom right. If done correctly, Mario rolls right into the last Green Star. However, should the player miss, Mario is sent plummeting into space.

Alternatively, Mario can go to the end of the course, where the normal Power Star waits. Crashing into the lone block in the far left corner turns Mario back to normal, and he can then Long Jump back to the N-shaped platform by standing on the fence. This makes it much easier to collect the Green Star, either by precision jumping or by lining up the trajectory for his Rock form.

Planets Visited


Melty Monster Galaxy's music incorporates Super Mario Galaxy's main theme. The theme is featured as a track in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which also has the slightly longer opening from the soundtrack version.

Audio.svg Melty Monster Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Melty Monster Galaxy soundtrack
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Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "Magmaws and Magmaarghs erupt from the lava-soaked worlds of this galaxy, splashing the skies with molten earth in hopes of keeping you from collecting the Power Stars."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマモンスターギャラクシー
Maguma Monsutā Gyarakushī
Magma Monster Galaxy
Chinese 岩漿魔怪銀河
Yánjiāng Móguài Yínhé
Magma Monster Galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie des mers de lave Lava seas galaxy
French (NOE) Mers de lave Lava seas
German Schmelztiegel-Galaxie Melting Pot Galaxy
Italian Galassia Lava Mostruosa Monstrous Lava Galaxy
Korean 마그마 몬스터 갤럭시
Mageuma monseuteo gaelleoksi
Magma Monster Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Magma Monstruoso Monstrous Magma Galaxy


  • A glitch caused by long jumping off the rubber wall on the final platform of the allows the player to explore the entire rolling lane on foot. The Co-Star Luma can break the Star Piece Cluster Rocks, giving the player four star bits.