Spring into the Chompworks

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Spring into the Chompworks
SMG2 Chompworks Spring into the Chompworks.png
Location Chompworks Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Spring into the Chompworks is the second mission of the Chompworks Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


When the player visits this galaxy for the second time, a Spring Mushroom is found on the Starting Planet. To complete this mission, the player must use the first Launch Star located on the first planet's obstacle, using Spring Mario or Luigi to bounce up the steep ramp. The Rolling Chomps Planet no longer contains the small platforms. To get past the Chomps, the player can jump over them using the Spring Mario/Luigi form. They can also do a backflip then spin over them. When past the large Chomps, Small Chomps roll toward them, though the player does not need the Spring Mushroom this time. The Launch Star is located at the end of the planet, right on top of the generator. After using the Launch Star, the player is sent to the Spring Tower Planet. The player must use the Spring Mushroom to get to the top of the planet, while avoiding Paragoombas, and grab the Power Star.

However, much like in Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser, it is possible to complete this level without the use of the Spring Mushroom via various Somersaults, Long Jumps, Wall Jumps, and Star Spins, although the nut-like platforms at the top of the Spring Tower Planet can make this difficult.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワンゴロゴロ ボヨンボヨン
Wanwan Gorogoro Boyonboyon
Chain Chomp Rolling, Boing-boing
Chinese 汪汪! 彈簧瑪利歐
汪汪! 彈簧路易吉
Wāngwāng! Tánhuáng Mǎlì'ōu
Wāngwāng! Tánhuáng Lùyìjí
Woof-Woof! Spring Mario/Luigi
French En dernier ressort In last spring
German Federleicht durch die Kettenhundfabrik Light as a Feather (German Feder can be feather or spring in English) through the Chompworks
Italian Categnacci da molla Spring Chomps
Spanish Chomp rodando y Mario/Luigi botando Chomp rolling and Mario/Luigi bouncing