Dark Octo-Army Romp

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Dark Octo-Army Romp
SMG2 Flash Black Dark Octo Army Romp.png
Location Flash Black Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Dark Octo-Army Romp is the second mission of the Flash Black Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This mission can only be played if the player collected the Comet Medal in the previous mission and when there is a Prankster Comet in orbit. This mission's objective is to defeat thirty Octoombas within a time limit.


After the Prankster Comet has been unlocked, Mario ends up on the Maze Planet. This time, he has to defeat all of the thirty Octoombas within eighty seconds (one minute and twenty seconds). There is a Yoshi egg at the end of the level that may help him defeat the enemies easily. If Mario defeats all of the Octoombas in the time allowed, he earns a Power Star.

Planets visited[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 全滅! 暗闇のタコ軍団
Zenmetsu! Kurayami no Tako Gundan
Annihilation! Octopus Troops of Darkness
Chinese 瓦解! 黑暗章魚軍隊
Wǎjiě! Hēi'àn Zhāngyú Jūnduì
Collapse! Dark Octopus Troops
French (NOE) Une poulbarmee très flashee: mêlée A top Octo-army flashed: scrum
German Die Okto-Armee der finsteren Seite The dark side's Octo-Army
Italian Fracasso di ventose al buio Noise of suckers in the dark
Spanish ¡Date prisa! ¡Octobatalla en la oscuridad! Hurry! Octobattle in the dark!