Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum

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Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum
Battling Peewee Piranha
Location Sky Station Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Peewee Piranha
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“As thanks for saving our friends... We'll send you into space to get that monster! Now! Let's go after them!”
Luma, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum is the first mission of the Sky Station Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the first Galaxy in the game, making it the first level in the entire game. The mission's objective is to defeat Peewee Piranha.

The first time Mario flies towards the galaxy after being launched from Peach's Castle, there is no introduction to the mission, and he is seen flying uncontrollably. If the mission is replayed, the introduction plays, and Mario is seen flying smoothly.


The player begins the level flying through several clouds and lands on the Starting Planet. A Luma tells the player that a monster stole their Power Stars and asks them to please get them back. He commits all Lumas to the player's cause. The player must travel around the starting planet to the green pipe which leads to the other, darker, side of the planet. On the darker side, the player must travel up the mound in the middle, break open the crystal and jump through to find that Yoshi is not actually there along with a Luma which turns into a Launch Star for the player leading to the Platforms Planet. They can also Wall Jump and then Spin up the side of the building to get on top. On the Platforms Planet, a Luma leads the player through a path of Octoombas and rising platforms until they reach the end. The Luma turns into a Launch Star to the Miniature Planets. The Miniature Planets are a few planets with a ? Coin and a few Sling Stars which eventually lead the player to a Launch Star that sends then to the Cylinder Planet.

On the Cylindrical Planet, the player must travel along the only path, riding the stone platforms around the planet whenever it needs to happen and just make his way to the other side of the planet where a Luma transforms into a Launch Star to the Sided Planet. On this planet, the player must go up the stone steps and get the Checkpoint Flag along with the Life Mushroom and then travel around to the other side and climb up the green steps to a Launch Star leading to the boss battle on the Geo Planet with Peewee Piranha.

Upon landing on the Geo Planet, the player cracks open Peewee Piranha's egg and releases it, similar to Dino Piranha from Super Mario Galaxy.

To defeat Peewee Piranha, the player must Spin the shell on its behind twice, cracking it open, and then attack its exposed bottom to damage it. While Peewee Piranha's bottom is exposed, he runs away from the player, just like what Bowser did when his tail was on fire in the first game, except Peewee Piranha is a little slower. After hitting its weak spot two times, Peewee Piranha explodes into purple smoke and releases the first Power Star in the game for the player to get.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ちいさな星の あばれんぼう
Chiisana Hoshi no Abarenbō
Hooligan of a Small Star

Chinese 小小星球悍將
Xiǎoxiǎo Xīngqiú Hànjiàng
Hooligan of a Small Star

French (NOE) Frictions avec un fripon
Clash with a rogue
German Dino-Piranha Jr.s Schleudertrauma
Peewee Piranha's whiplash
Italian Discolone sul Pianetino
Peewee Piranha on the little planet
Korean 작은 별의 말썽꾸러기
Jageun Byeol-ui Malsseongkkureogi
Rogue On A Small Star

Spanish ¡El berrinche del Bebé Dinopiraña!
Peewee Piranha's Tantrum!


  • If one gets a Game Over before this level is cleared, instead of returning to Starship Mario, they return to the intro level, just before the Launch Star.
    • Also, when selecting this level the first time, the "Starship Mario, Launch!" music plays even though Mario has not been to Starship Mario yet.