Step to the Beep

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Step to the Beep
Step to the Beep.png
Location Beat Block Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Step to the Beep is the first mission of the Beat Block Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The objective is to clear the course and collect five Silver Stars at the end. The mission's name is a pun on the phrase "step to the beat".


Mario and a Goombeetle

The galaxy is made up of many Beat Blocks, which alternate between tangible orange or green platforms, signified by the beeps coming out of the Wii Remote's speaker (or the television, if the Wii Remote's speaker is turned off). The platforms alternate every four beeps, and the enemies change based on the platform color as well, with orange having Goombeetles and green having Octoombas. The player simply needs to cross the alternating blocks until they reach the pyramid at the end. At the pyramid are five Silver Stars the player needs to collect while the blocks are alternating. Once all five of the Silver Stars are collected, the Power Star appears at the top of the pyramid and the Beat Blocks stop changing.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピッピッピッ!の シルバースター
Pippippih! no Shirubā Sutā
Silver Stars of Beep-beep-beep!
Chinese 銀星星 嗶嗶嗶!
Yín Xīngxīng Bībībī!
Silver Stars, Beep-beep-beep!
French Le rythme des blocs The rhythm of the blocks
German Tickticktick! Silbersterne! tick tick tick! Silver Stars!
Italian Balzi verso le Stelle Argento Leap to the Silver Stars
Spanish (NOA) ¡Estrellas de plata! ¡Bip, bip, bip! Silvre Stars! Beep, beep, beep!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Estrellas de plata! ¡Bip, bip! Silver Stars! Beep, beep!