Bugaboom's Back

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Bugaboom's Back
SMG2 Puzzle Plank Bugabooms Back.png
Location Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
Boss(es) Bugaboom
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Bugaboom's Back is the hidden second mission of the Puzzle Plank Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It can be accessed in The Puzzling Picture Block and requires the player to feed a Hungry Luma.


Bugaboom SMG2.png

While redoing The Puzzling Picture Block mission, the player should make their way to the Pound Pillars Planet while collecting as many coins as they can. When they reach the aforementioned planet, they should feed the Hungry Luma seventy coins. This Luma will transform into Bugaboom's Wooden Planet. The player should make their way to the large tree in the middle using the Cloud Flower.

When the player lands on the large wooden tree planet, Bugaboom will appear and attacks the player. The player has to use the Cloud Mario form and use the springs to jump onto Bugaboom's back and ground pound him. After 3 hits, Bugaboom is defeated and Mario will earn a Power Star.


Planets Visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) ¡Duelo con el escarabajo rey! Duel against Bugaboom!
French Escarmouche et Skaraboss Squabble and Bugaboom
German Uns stinkt der Stinkkäferkönig We're sick of Bugaboom
Italian Duello con lo Scaraboom Duel Against Bugaboom
Chinese 決戰!扁平蟲王 Showdown! Bugaboom