The Great Crate Incinerator

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The Great Crate Incinerator
SMG2 Rightside Down Great Crate Incinerator.png
Location Rightside Down Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Great Crate Incinerator is the second mission of the Rightside Down Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Replaying the first mission, the player needs to return to the first Lever Switch and flip it. Now on the ceiling, the player has to backtrack to a Warp Pipe on the ceiling. In the room the pipe leads to is a Fire Flower the player has to use to burn the crates in the room. Burning the center crate in the group of crate on the top-right will reveal an orange Warp Pipe that will take the player to the Crate Incineration Planet.

Talking to the Gearmo found on the platform, it will ask if the player can help it burn all the crates on the platform. Accepting will power-up the player character to either Fire Mario or Fire Luigi and is given 20 seconds to burn all the crates on the platform. Unlike with the crates found in the previous room, the fireballs thrown by the player will travel through these crates and continue burning the ones behind it. If the player manages to burn all the crates within the time limit, the Gearmo will reward the player with a Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 燃やせ! お掃除大作戦
Moyase! Osōji Dai Sakusen
Burn 'em! The Great Cleaning Mission
Chinese 火焰發威! 一掃而空!
Huǒyàn Fāwēi! Yīsǎo ér kōng!
Power of fire! Clean up everything!
French Pleins feux sur les caisses Focus on the Boxes (pun : "feux" can mean here "focus", or "fires")
German Der große Kistenbrand The Great Box-Fire
Italian Inceneritore di Casse Box Incinerator
Korean 태워라! 청소 대작전
Taewola! Cheongso Daejagjeon
Burn it! Cleaning Operation
Spanish ¡A fuego limpio! To a Clean Fire! (pun on "juego limpio", meaning "fair play")