Flipsville's New Digs

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Flipsville's New Digs
Flipsville New Digs.png
Location Flipsville Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Flipsville's New Digs is the second mission of the Flipsville Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


When the player lands on the Inner House Planet, they should notice some drastic changes. The grates have been removed and are now replaced with dirt patches. In addition, the walls and floors on the first planet have dirt on them. Micro Mecha-Bowsers replace the Pupdozers and the Spin Drill is made available. The Launch Star is located in the same area as the first one, but the player will need to travel through the dirt patches instead of flipping the gates. The Launch Star will take the player to the Dirt Tower Planet, where the player must find their way to the Warp Pipe above using the Spin Drill located behind the tower. Once the player enters the warp pipe, they should notice the music change and the gravity changing to the beat. The player will need to collect the five Silver Stars located in the sections of the area. Fuzzies block some of the stars, but they can easily be defeated by the Spin Drill. The Power Star will appear in the middle section once all of the Silver Stars have been collected.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほりほりドリルで行ったり来たり
Horihori Doriru de ittari kitari
Going Back and Forth by Spin Drill

Chinese 旋轉鑽頭 穿梭往來
Xuánzhuǎn Zuàntóu Chuānsuō Wǎnglái
Spin Drill, Crossing Back and Forth

French Ville et foret
City and drill
German Probebohrungen in Klappstadt
Test drilling in Flipsville
Italian Sottosopra con il Trottolapano
Upside down with the Spin Drill
Spanish Trompotaladros en Vueltiburgo
Spin Drills in Flipsville