The Shadow Lining

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The Shadow Lining
SMG2 Cloudy Court The Shadow Lining.png
Location Cloudy Court Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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The Shadow Lining is the second mission of the Cloudy Court Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. In order to play this mission, the Comet Medal must have been collected in the previous mission and when a Prankster Comet is in orbit.


The player starts on a small platform, which will spawn two more platforms next to it. As the player moves along these platforms, more platforms will appear in front of them, while the platforms behind them disappear. The player needs to collect five Star Chips along these platforms, while also avoiding Cosmic Clones. The Star Chips will form a Launch Star that will send the player to the next planet. Here, they need to avoid more Cosmic Clones while Wall Jumping up and jumping across more disappearing and reappearing platforms. The Launch Star at the end will take the player to a platform with the Power Star trapped in a crystal, which the player needs to break by spinning while still avoiding Cosmic Clones.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 空中庭園の黒い影
Kūchū Teien no Kuroi Kage
Black Shadows of the Aerial Garden

Chinese 空中庭園的黑影
Kōngzhōng Tíngyuán de Hēiyǐng
Black Shadows of the Aerial Garden

French Chaos dans les nuages
Chaos in the clouds
German Düsterschatten der Schwebegärten
The floating gardens' dark shadows
Italian Ombre scure fra i cieli
Dark shadows in the skies
Spanish Entre nubes y sombras
Among clouds and shadows