Exploring the Cosmic Cavern

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Exploring the Cosmic Cavern
Location Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Exploring the Cosmic Cavern is the second level of the Cosmic Cove Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Due to the activated switch in the first mission, the water in this mission is frozen. As the title of the level implies, players traverse through the level and its cave to free a trapped Luma and use its Launch Star transformation to launch themselves to another planet where the Power Star is contained in.


A penguin in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy
Mario exploring the cavern.

Upon entering the galaxy for the second time, players find a Luma trapped in a glass cage. To get the Key and free the Luma, players have to run across the frozen water until they reach a green Warp Pipe. They must use it to get into an underwater cavern. Here, they have to make their way to the bottom of the cavern and use another Warp Pipe to warp to the Water Maze. In this area, the player needs to navigate through a maze-like area composed completely of water. Many Mikey Mines patrol the area and can knock the player into a black hole. Near the end of this area is a key.

After getting the key, the player must go through the warp pipe at the end of the area which takes them back to the galaxy's entrance. The Luma then thanks the player and transforms into a Launch Star. After landing on a Starshroom and taking its Launch Star, players end up on the last planet.

Mario about to get the star.

In the next planet, players have to use the Spin Drill on the right spot to get to the other side, while being aware of the Fizzlits. On this planet, they need to defeat all of Micro Mecha-Bowsers on this side of the planet until one releases a key. This key disables a shield that was protecting a patch of dirt with water leaking out of it. When players use the Spin Drill on this hole, the planet gets covered with water, and players can now grab the Power Star.

Planets visited[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 入り江の洞窟 大捜査!
Irie no Dōkutsu Dai Sōsa!
The Cave of the Creek: Great Exploration!
Chinese 海灣洞穴 大搜索!
Hǎiwān Dòngxué Dà Sōusuǒ!
The Cave in the Cove: Great Exploration!
French L'exploration de la grotte inondée The exploration of the flooded cave
German Tief durchatmen und rein ins Verlies! Take a deep breath and let's go into the vault!
Italian Spedizione nella Grotta della Baia Expedition to the Cave of the Bay
Spanish Expedición en la Gruta Gélida Expedition in the Cosmic Cove