Grandmaster Galaxy

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Grandmaster Galaxy
Grandmaster Galaxy
Area World S
How to unlock Collect 240 Power Stars
Boss(es) None
Comet(s) Daredevil Comet
Mission(s) The Ultimate Test
The Perfect Run
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Prankster Comet icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon A giant gleaming trophy with a Power Star in the middle of it you were the one who collected all of the scattered stars...I want to thank you...your deeds will live on in the memory of the cosmos...”
Rosalina, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Grandmaster Galaxy is the final galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2, located in World S. It is analogous to the Grand Finale Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy because the player must collect all 240 Power Stars (without any Bronze Stars) and Green Stars to unlock it. It contains two Power Stars: one for completing the level and another one for a second completion under Daredevil Comet conditions. In the latter case, the player gets the Star from Rosalina. This is the only galaxy where Green Stars do not appear because the player has to collect all of the Green Stars in the game in order to unlock this galaxy.

If the player collects all Stars and then completes this galaxy, a special message will appear on their Wii Message Board, both congratulating and thanking the player for completing the game 100%.

This galaxy starts a trend in future Super Mario titles of a challenging level being unlocked after completing everything else in the game (or otherwise meeting certain post-game unlock criteria), inspiring Special 8-Crown in Super Mario 3D Land, Champion's Road in Super Mario 3D World, the Darker Side in Super Mario Odyssey, and The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Area[edit]

Starting area of Grandmaster Galaxy
Mario and Yoshi in the Starting Area

In the first area, Mario has to use Yoshi to swing on the flower grapples to reach the Launch Star at the end of the area. There are several obstacles along the way, such as Space Mines and Bullet Bills. Paragoombas appear in The Ultimate Test and are replaced by Choppahs in The Perfect Run. A Toad can also be found on this planet and will shout Yoshi's name when spoken to.

Flipswitch Panel Planet[edit]

Grandmaster Galaxy flipswitch planet.
The Flipswitch Planet

After using the Launch Star from the first planet, Mario lands on a planet with Flipswitch Panels. It has a backdrop showing moving sprites of items from Super Mario Bros. Mario has to activate all 21 Flipswitch Panels while avoiding Sentry Beams to reveal the Launch Star.

Electric Maze Area[edit]

The electric maze on Grandmaster Galaxy
The Electric Maze Area
The start of the Grandmaster Galaxy's Electric Maze Area
The start of the area

After landing, Mario finds a Cloud Flower and a fan producing an upward gust. Mario has to use the Cloud Flower to maneuver to the Launch Star at the end of the area, with more Cloud Flowers subsequently being supplied along the way. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom at the top left which can be reached using the Cloud Flower.

Platform Planets[edit]

The platform planet on Grandmaster Galaxy
The Platform Planets

This area contains planets made of shrinking platforms and Red-Blue Panels. Roctos and Pulse Beams are also found in the area. Mario has to avoid all the obstacles in order to successfully reach the Launch Star to the next area at the end of the section.

Pull Star Area[edit]

The pull star area on Grandmaster Galaxy
The Pull Star Area
The three figures in the background

In the beginning of the area, there are some electrified blocks followed by a long segment of Pull Stars, which Mario must use to reach the Launch Star while avoiding electrical currents, Space Mines, and Paragoombas. The three figures from Shiverburn Galaxy are visible in the background of this area.

Hammer Bro Planets[edit]

The Hammer Bro planet on Grandmaster Galaxy
The Hammer Bro Planets

This planet has many Hammer Bros., which Mario must avoid or defeat to reach the other side. There are also Flomps present in this area.

The ending platform has three Boomerang Bros., which Mario must defeat to reveal a Power Star (or a Launch Star in the Daredevil run). Note that defeating the Hammer Bros. is not necessary for getting the Power/Launch Star to appear.

The Comet Medal for this galaxy is located on the far right side of these planets, next to some platforms with some torches (as shown on the screenshot). In The Perfect Run, the Comet Medal is replaced with a 1-Up Mushroom.

Gate Planet[edit]

The Gate Planet

This area is only accessible during The Perfect Run. It is a small planet with a small house and strongly resembles the Gate in Super Mario Galaxy. Rosalina and the final Power Star are found on this planet. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom behind the house. If Mario falls off the planet, he loses a life and has to go back to the start.



Level Image Summary
The Ultimate Test The end of the Grandmaster Galaxy's first mission This mission's objective is to complete the galaxy.
The Perfect Run SMG2 Grandmaster Gate Planet.png This mission's objective is to complete the galaxy with only one health point. There are no Checkpoint Flags for this mission.

Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "Welcome to the final challenge of the cosmos, where your skills will be put to incredible test. Precise jumping, perfect landings, and smart use of power-ups are required to locate the Power Star in this galaxy. And if you think this contest is tough on your first visit, wait until you attempt it when the prankster comet is overhead..."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チャンピオンシップギャラクシー
Chanpionshippu Gyarakushī
Championship Galaxy

Chinese 終極奪標銀河
Zhōngjí Duóbiāo Yínhé
Ultimate Rush Galaxy

French (NOE) Trophée des virtuoses
Virtuosos' Trophy
German Hüpfheld-Galaxie
Jumping Hero Galaxy (a tribute to Mario)
Italian Galassia Leggendaria
Legendary Galaxy
Korean 챔피언십 갤럭시
Chaempieonsib Gaelleogsi
Championship Galaxy

Spanish Galaxia Saltos Acrobáticos
Acrobatic Jumps Galaxy


  • This is the only galaxy in the game that requires the player to collect Star Bits in addition to collecting the Comet Medal for a Prankster Comet to appear.