Silver Stars Pop-Up

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Silver Stars Pop-Up
The Graveyard in the Boo Moon Galaxy
Location Boo Moon Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2
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Silver Stars Pop-Up is the first mission of the Boo Moon Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The mission's objective is to collect the Silver Stars.


The player begins on the Starting Planet and has a limit field of view, as the planet is encased in darkness. Moving forward and to the right, the player will find a coin and getting near it will open up a wall, then moving directly ahead and through a narrow passage with some Boos will lead the player to the Launch Star to the next planet. In the Sinking Swamp, the player has to ride a Snake Block to progress, dodging the Octoboos as it moves along. The player then needs to ride another Snake Block which will move through a ? Coin and end at another Snake Block, which will move through a platform that will cause the swamp to rise up, affecting the flow of gravity.

Moving along and avoiding some Octoboos, the player will reach a Launch Star that will send them to The Moon. Here, the player needs to use the tilting moon to collect five Star Chips, which will cause a Launch Star to appear, sending the player to the Graveyard Planet. On this planet, the player needs to activate a switch, which will cause the graveyard to pop up, allowing the player to collect the five Silver Stars on the planet, though the platforms will remain for a short time before falling back down. Once all five of the Silver Stars are collected, the Power Star will appear.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビックリ絵本の シルバースター
Bikkuri ehon no shirubā sutā
Silver Stars of the Thrilling Picture Book

Chinese 驚奇畫冊的銀星星
Jīngqí Huàcè dè Yín Xīngxīng
Silver Stars of the Thrilling Picture Book

French Les étoiles d'argent du livre animé
The Silver Stars of the animated book
German Die Silbersterne der Pappaufsteller
The displays' Silver Stars
Italian Stelle Argento nel Libro a Sorpresa
Silver Stars on the Surprise Book
Spanish Estrellas de plata en la casa desplegable
Silver Stars in the drop-down house