Freezy Flake Galaxy

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Freezy Flake Galaxy
Freezy Flake Galaxy.png
Area World 3
How to unlock Get a Power Star from either Cloudy Court Galaxy or Haunty Halls Galaxy
Boss(es) Sorbetti
Comet(s) Green Comet
Mission(s) Bowser on Ice
Sorbetti's Chilly Reception
The Chimp's Skating Challenge
Green Star 1
Green Star 2
Green Star 3
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.Cosmic Jewel icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Galaxy icon A portion of the Snow Doll Koopa Planet, featuring snow-covered trees, snowballs, and light snowfall
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Freezy Flake Galaxy is a galaxy appearing in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is a winter-themed galaxy, and most of the area is covered in snow or ice. However, one planet is covered in lava, on which snowballs can be rolled to create pathways on the lava. Many snow statues of Bowser and Goombas can be found here, which can be destroyed with the use of the Snowballs or Fireballs from Fire Mario. Li'l Brrs and Li'l Cinders can be found throughout the galaxy. This galaxy's music is a snowy remix of the music that plays during the Sky Station Galaxy's first mission. The boss of Freezy Flake Galaxy is Sorbetti.

There is no Prankster Comet for this galaxy until the player has unlocked the Green Stars.


Snow Disk Planet[edit]

Mario running near a cabin.
Mario on the starting planet in the Freezy Flake Galaxy.
Mario running near a Launch Star.

The Snow Disk Planet[1] is a small planet covered in snow and where the player first lands. The planet has a wooden cabin where a Star Bunny resides. Flowers and Stumps surround the cabin as well as a snow Goomba statue behind the cabin. The top side also has a power-up: in the first mission, there is a Fire Flower and in the second mission there is a Rock Mushroom. The bottom side has another snow Goomba statue in the center and a pair of trees on its sides. The player can use either power-up to destroy the Goomba statue on the bottom, which hides a Launch Star that the player can take to the next planet. A narrow road of soil runs throughout the planet's equator.

Snow Doll Koopa Planet[edit]

Mario entering the Underground Ice Rink.
SMG2 Freezy Flake Snow Field Planet.png
Fire Mario on the Snow Doll Koopa Planet.
Fire Luigi in the Freezy Flake Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2
Fire Luigi throwing fireballs at the Bowser statue.

The Snow Doll Koopa Planet[1] is a large piece of land covered in snow. The planet has several snow statues of Goombas around and tree-like snow formations. There are also several Crystals scattered around the planet, and there is a Chance Cube on the edge of the planet. The planet also contains some rock plates over the snow, and a small hill with a staircase that leads to a frozen pond. Just behind the pond, there is the entrance to a tunnel which leads to another planet, but is blocked by a snow statue of Bowser in the first mission. Hidden inside one of the trees is a Warp Pipe, which the player must burn/blast to access, that leads them to the Underground Ice Rink, where The Chimp's Skating Challenge takes place. The Underground Ice Rink is completely identical to the Muimui Attack Planet in Shiverburn Galaxy, outside of having a slightly easier mission requirement. The player can find several Star Bunnies and Li'l Brrs on this planet as well as numerous rubbery bulbs. All the field is surrounded by a wood fence almost buried in the snow. In the second mission, there are also Star Chips scattered around the planet, which Mario must find to form a Launch Star leading to the White Out Planet.

Snow Block Tico Search Planet[edit]

Mario on the Snow Block Tico Search Planet.

The Snow Block Tico Search Planet[1] a small planet made entirely out of brick and snow blocks. The planet is located behind the Snow Doll Koopa Planet, and four Li'l Brrs float around the fortress. Over the center of the fortress there is a tower made partially of snow blocks that can be melted with the use of a Fire Flower found on the planet. The Comet Medal for this planet is hidden in a space between some snow blocks. Under these blocks, Mario finds a Warp Pipe that sends him to the Lava Snow Ball Convey Planet.

Lava Snow Ball Convey Planet[edit]

Mario on the Lava Snow Ball Convey Planet.

The Lava Snow Ball Convey Planet[1] has a lake of lava with some islands that contrast the scenery by being covered by snow. In the center of the lake there is one large island with a snow Bowser Statue surrounded by a ring of smaller islands. The Snowballs over them allow the player to make a snow platform over the lava to reach the other islands, although these platforms melt down a few seconds after they are formed. Other items found on this planet are Flying Question Blocks, more Goomba statues, a Fire Flower, and a Crate with a Star Bunny inside. Li'l Cinders and Fireballs are also present in this area. The player must use the Fire Flower and head over to the center of the planet, where the Bowser statue is. They must blast the Bowser statue with Fire Balls three times to reveal the Power Star.

White Out Planet[edit]

Luigi traversing through the blizzard.

The White Out Planet[1] is stuck in a perpetual blizzard, and therefore prevents the player from seeing clearly. There is a Goomba statue and a Star Bunny on it. There is also a Warp Pipe that leads the player to a room where three Chance Cubes can be spun. It also has a slope with Lumalee at its end. On this planet, there is also a star-shaped area that can be accessed when Mario falls from the brown platform near the Star Bunny. This area contains three 1-Up Mushrooms and a Sling Star to get Mario back up to the main planet. The third Green Star is also found on it. On this planet, the player must find their way to the Launch Star, and then take it to the next planet.

Yukkina Body Planet[edit]

Yukkina Body Planet

The Yukkina Body Planet[1] is the place where Mario battles Sorbetti. A snow-covered spherical planet, it evokes the body of a snowman, with two leafless trees serving as arms, exposed bricks mimicking a scarf and circular markings on the snow resembling buttons. As Mario lands on this planet, Sorbetti falls on top of it as the head of the snowman. Several lumps of snow are placed around the body, which can be destroyed by spinning or by Sorbetti itself.



Level Image Summary
Bowser on Ice SMG2 Freezy Flake Bowser On Ice.png This mission's objective is to melt a large Bowser sculpture.
Sorbetti's Chilly Reception Sorbetti.png This mission's objective is to defeat Sorbetti.
The Chimp's Skating Challenge SMG2 Freezy Flake Chimps Skating Challenge.png This mission's objective is to beat The Chimp's high score.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1[edit]

Luigi about to receive the Green Star.

The player will redo the Bowser on Ice mission. The first Green Star is located on the slide behind the first snow statue of Bowser on the Snow Doll Koopa Planet. The player must travel down the slide and position themselves upside-down inside of it to get be able to grab the Green Star.

Planets Visited

Green Star 2[edit]

Luigi jumping off the planet for the second Green Star.

The player will redo the Bowser on Ice mission. This star is located above the lava in the Lava Snow Ball Convey Planet. The player has to perform a Long Jump to reach it. The player could also create a temporary path to the star with the snowballs.

Planets Visited

Green Star 3[edit]

Luigi about to earn himself the third Green Star.

The player will redo the Sorbetti's Chilly Reception mission. The third Green Star is located on the White Out Planet. To get to it, the player must fall from the platform near the Star Bunny, and land on the planet with the right timing.

Planets Visited

Prima Official Game Guide description[edit]

  • "Shivers and chills abound in the Freezy Flake Galaxy. You must use to Fire Flowers and Rock Mushrooms to locate the Power Stars in this frozen corner of space. The Chimp from Fluffy Bluff is here too, just waiting to challenge you to another game. Can you prove to The Chimp that you're the best skater in the galaxy?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホワイトスノーギャラクシー
Howaito Sunō Gyarakushī
White Snow Galaxy
Chinese 白雪銀河
Báixuě Yínhé
White Snow galaxy
French (NOA) Galaxie du Flocon-frisson Shiver-flake Galaxy
French (NOE) Station du flocon de braise Ember flake station
German Frostflocken-Galaxie Freezy Flake Galaxy
Italian Galassia delle Nevi Snow Galaxy
Korean 화이트 스노 갤럭시
Hwaiteu Seuno Gaelleoksi
White Snow Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia Nieve y Lava Snow and Lava Galaxy


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