List of Super Mario Galaxy 2 glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names of glitches are unofficial.


Breakneck Bangs

Mario's bangs are visible

In the ending credits, if the player enters first-person view mode, Mario's bangs can be seen. Also, if the player looks to the left or right, Mario's bangs do not move with his head and remain stationary.[1]

Camera in the Cloud

Mario glitching into the cloud after getting a Star

If the player uses Cloud Mario to make a cloud just as they get the Power Star while approaching from the side or top, the graphics will be unusual. The camera goes inside the cloud, making the cloud invisible, and part of Mario's body will be inside the cloud.[1]

Chance Cube Room glitches

An incorrect background being displayed in the Chance Cube Room

If the player visits the Chance Cube room on Starship Mario and faces towards the screen while talking to a Lumalee, the player can see the same background as Starship Mario instead of the black background.[1]

Also, if the player visits the Chance Cube room with either a Cloud Mario Suit or Yoshi, then: With Cloud Mario, if the player makes a cloud in a certain place, then they can also see the Space-themed background seen on Starship Mario. If a player uses Yoshi, then with the camera at a specific angle, whilst performing the Yoshi Flutter Jump Glitch, the camera will glitch, showing the space-themed background. This is also possible without the Yoshi Flutter Jump Glitch, but it is much harder.

Disappearing Characters

If Mario stands very close to certain characters and enters first-person view, the character will disappear and only its shadow can be seen. When the player returns to normal view, the character reappears. This is most notable with the Supermassive Galaxy's Giant Lumas at the beginning and Cosmic Cove Galaxy's Penguins.[1]

Disappearing Piranha Plant

To perform this glitch, the player should go to the Supermassive Galaxy. Mario/Luigi should reach the Checkpoint Flag, activate it, then die. When the player respawns, they should wall-jump up the gap between the Thwomps, face the camera, then long jump off the edge of the one on the right, allowing the player to return to the starting point. After this, the player should progress through the level normally. When the reach the second Piranha Plant, the plant can be spun to release water and the plant will damage the player, but it cannot be seen. After a short period of time, dirt will begin to spawn continuously, lagging the game.[1][2]

Disappearing Platforms

The disappearing platform in the Haunty Halls Galaxy

Near the end of the Haunty Halls Galaxy's second mission with the moving platforms that alternate directions, if the player falls in the crack between the first moving platform and the preceding stationary platform, the camera will glitch inside the platforms, and they will disappear during the "Too Bad!" screen.

Erupt the Volcano

When the player is near the volcano in the Yoshi Star Galaxy, they should use the infinite flutter jump glitch to reach a height higher than the volcano. When a certain height is reached, the volcano will erupt. This proves that the reason the volcano erupts with the Launch Star is because the player reaches a specific height that triggers the event.[3][1]

Frozen Piranha Plants

In the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy's level Search for the Toad Brigade Captain, if the player reaches the end of the level and looks back, far away but visible Piranha Plants do not animate. Everything around the Piranha Plants stays normal.

Frozen Meteors

Several Meteors stopped directly in midair.

In the Shiverburn Galaxy, the player must go to the planet featuring multiple falling meteors. They must then go into first-person view and look directly at the meteors while they are raining down. The meteors stop and do not move until the player changes the camera view back from first-person view or looks away.[1]

Incorrect Starlight

In Cosmic Cove Galaxy's first mission, if the player releases the star from the crystal, then jumps down and enters first-person view, the starlight will still be in the location of the original crystal instead of the Power Star's new location.

Low-Resolution Planet

The incorrect texture being displayed.

In the Chompworks Galaxy, the player should go to the mission "Where the Chomps are Made of Gold" and reach the Lava Chomp Planet. The player should turn Mario (or Luigi) around until he faces the player then long jump and fall off the edge of the planet. If done correctly, just before Mario falls off, the planets graphic will change as though the player was far away from the planet.[1]

Massive Dark Void

The "black void"

To perform this glitch, the player should go to the Melty Monster Galaxy. Once Mario lands on the Pier, he should get in the Warp Pipe that leads to the Chimp's Bowling Challenge. The player should then jump back into the Warp Pipe and come back to where they landed. If the player looks behind Mario, they will see a remaining piece of the Chimp's Bowling Challenge background. This is possible to do at any time, as long as the player can get to Chimp's Bowling Challenge.[1][4]

Messed-Up Credit Graphics

Mario falling endlessly
Mario standing on an invisible platform in the Yoshi Star Galaxy

This is easier to do as Luigi since he jumps higher. When the credits start and Mario or Luigi is on the Crescent Moon Planet, the player needs to ground pound the left side of the Moon as much as possible to tilt it. Then, Mario or Luigi must perform a backward somersault while the Moon is rising. If done correctly, Mario or Luigi falls from the moon and a Bubble (which looks identical to the one that saves Mario or Luigi from falling from the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy) surrounds the plumber and tries unsuccessfully to bring them back to the Moon. Mario or Luigi will be stuck in the bubble falling endlessly for several credit scenes, with the planets visited off-screen. Eventually, Mario will reach solid ground, but the graphics will remain messed up in various ways. For example, the platform in the Yoshi Star Galaxy may become invisible, the scene with the defeated Bowser may only consist of a simple desert background, and the camera may point the wrong direction.[1]

Midair Splashing

The splashing glitch.

In the Starshine Beach Galaxy, the player should choose the mission Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars. They should then get Yoshi, return to the area where they landed, and infinite flutter jump back up to the water planet. At a certain height, Yoshi and Mario will be surrounded by water, which will follow them as they flutter jump and fall until they reach the planet.[1][5]

Reach the Starshrooms

At Rolling Coaster Galaxy, where the path splits, Mario should jump out towards the blue Starshroom. If the jump is perfect, Mario should slightly fall through the Starshroom, and fall out of bounds, since the Starshroom has no gravity.

Also, if the player stands on the fence at the beginning and long jumps towards the green Starshroom, the player can reach it. This time, however, it actually has gravity. [6]

Rosalina Down, Mario Up

This glitch can only be done after Rosalina is onboard Starship Mario. Normally, since Mario is shorter than her, if he chooses to talk to her, she will look downwards while she talks to him. However, if Mario gets the Cloud Flower, spins a cloud while standing right next to Rosalina (and ends up above her), crouches, and talks to her, Rosalina will still look downwards at the cloud.

If Mario talks to either Mailtoad or Banktoad after doing the same thing, Mario can still talk to the Toad, although the Toad himself will be hidden from view. The conversation still goes normally.

Sleepfloating Toad

The sleepfloating Toad

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Battle Belt Galaxy and select the "Mini-Planet Daredevil Run" mission. When the player gets to the yellow Starshroom, they should stand on the side window where the sleeping Toad's back is seen. If the player enters first-person mode and looks down, the Toad will be seen hovering over the table.[1]

Smeech with the Star

Mario, Yoshi, and a Smeech getting a Green Star in the Sweet Mystery Galaxy

To do this glitch, the player must go to any galaxy with Smeeches and Yoshi. Once the player completes the mission (with Yoshi), Mario must find a Smeech and make it stick to Yoshi's lips. Then Mario should take the Power Star without releasing the Smeech. Mario and Yoshi will do the same animation, but the Smeech will still be stuck to Yoshi's mouth. This glitch is easiest to do in the Green Power Star missions of the Sweet Mystery Galaxy, as there is a Smeech near both of them. This can also be done in the Purple Coin Beach Dash level after the player makes the Star appear.[1][7][8]

Squizzard's Floating Ball

During the battle against Squizzard, if the player long jumps left or right and a fireball hits Squizzard at the same time with his mouth not open and while he is about to toss a spiked-ball, sometimes the spiked ball will just hover right in front of his hands and stay there for a while. This is best done in the first phase before he summons the cannons.

Yoshi's Closed Eyes

The player must do the "Yoshi Stuck in the Tree" glitch, but if done a slightly different way, Yoshi's eyes will be closed as if doing a Flutter Jump but he will stand idle. If the player jumps on Yoshi or if he retreats into his egg, his eyes will be open again.

Yoshi's Long Tongue

Yoshi's tongue still locked onto the Yellow Toad from the Starshroom.

On the Starship Mario, the player must hatch and ride Yoshi. They must step near either Warp Pad to the Starshroom and press B Button quickly. His tongue will be stuck near whichever Warp Pad the player used, even when he walks around, warps, etc. If the player presses B Button again or jumps off Yoshi, the glitch will end. If Yoshi tries standing on the Starshroom when doing this, it makes it look like Yoshi's tongue is extremely long.[1][9][10]

A second glitch similar to the first also exists. Right before entering or exiting the engine room on the Starship Mario, the player should press B Button. If done correctly, Yoshi's tongue will be very long for a moment, then return to normal.[1]

Yoshi's Puffed Cheeks

Yoshi's Mouth is full after eating the berry and using the Launch Star.

In the Yoshi Star Galaxy, the player should flutter right above the golden Berry, then let Yoshi eat it. If the player can activate the Launch Star right after it appears, Yoshi's cheeks will be puffed out because he is holding the berry in his mouth. When the player lands on the next planet, Yoshi will swallow the berry. [1]

Yoshi's Speedy Legs

This glitch can be performed on Starship Mario. Mario should hatch and ride Yoshi, go to the bottom of Starship Mario, and run towards the white fence. This makes Yoshi's legs move rapidly.


Tall Trunk Galaxy Slide Freeze

In the Tall Trunk Galaxy, on Mission 1, the player should get Yoshi and do the Infinite Flutter Glitch to the Tall Trunk Slide. If the player tries to jump on the slide, the game will freeze with Yoshi and the character in midair, forcing the player to reset the game.[11]


Bee in the Wall

Luigi stuck in a wall of the Honeyhop Galaxy.

This glitch can be performed in the Honeyhop Galaxy's area where the falling bubbles first appear on the honey wall to the left, which has a nearby Choppah guarding the space in between the two structures. To perform this glitch, the player must start from the top-left of this honey wall and then jump off, but only slightly press the A Button button in short rounds, so as to take advantage of the honey's own gravitational pull and fly into the wall with an adjacent Bee Mushroom that players would normally reach by dodging bubbles and making their way right and then back left to face the wall. Alternatively, the player can jump to the left off the platform to the right of the Choppah, then immediately fly towards the screen and back to the target wall. Either way, the glitch occurs if the player enters the wall from a 3D perspective. Depending on how the player attempts to enter the wall (the most effective method being from the front, being that this would be entering a normally 2-D area from a third dimension), they may remain on the left side, become pulled through the wall onto the other side, or remain stuck in the wall. If the player is stuck in the wall, they may be able to exit it through the use of a spin. If a Ground-Pound or Homing Attack is executed, however, the player will likely remain stuck in the wall until the level is reset, though results may vary depending on how the player enters. The player may also be pushed upward through the wall while still remaining inside, and remain unable to perform any action but a spin, which will not enable them to exit the wall. This glitch may also result in some unlisted results, as well.

Behind the Goomba Statue

To perform this glitch in the Freezy Flake Galaxy, the player must go to the Blizzard Planet and go to the Goomba statue near the Li'l Brr and ground-pound the back of the statue. If done correctly, the player will slide behind the statue. The player will then vibrate rapidly and cannot jump, spin, crouch, and back-flip. The player is trapped and must exit the level to escape.[1][10]

Boo in the Wall

Boo Mario inside the wall

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Howling Tower, transform into Boo Mario, and turn transparent. The player must then turn Boo Mario transparent, enter a wall, and remain inside the wall until he is no longer transparent. If done correctly, Boo Mario will remain inside the wall, despite being opaque.

Bowser Planet glitches

Mario and Yoshi fluttering away from the planet and towards Bowser in the final battle.

The player should first reach Bowser with Yoshi. During the battle, the player should infinite flutter away from the planet. If the player gets too close to Bowser, the camera will glitch slightly. If he uses the meteorite attack, the player can see that the meteorites actually come out of thin air not too far from the planet. If the player flutters too far away from the planet, the gravity will change and they will fall out of bounds.[12][dead link]

Bugaboom Planet Gravity glitch

While on the Bugaboom planet in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy, if the player uses the clouds from the Cloud Flower to long jump back to the previous planet, there will be no gravity, and the player will stay in the same place while falling.

Circle around the Castle Planet

In Bowser's Galaxy Generator, Mario must use Yoshi on the planet with the Boomerang Bros., and they must stand in the top right corner of the platform, near a pillar and use the infinite flutter jump glitch until they fall out of the planet's gravity. Mario and Yoshi will be pulled to the Lava Castle Planet where they will infinitely circle the planet until they exit the level. Mario can also jump off Yoshi in this glitch but will not be able to get back to him.[1][13]

Drop Zone

In Yoshi Star Galaxy, the player should infinite flutter upward for about one minute at the end of Saddle Up with Yoshi, then go on the invisible platform, walk left, and the player will drop. There are many possible outcomes, such as repeatedly jumping, floating, teleporting, or falling down to nowhere. Touching the Coconut will cause the game to crash.[1]

Fall through Lava

This glitch can occur if the player is in any galaxy where there is Lava next to an abyss, such as the Shiverburn Galaxy. The player must jump towards the abyss with one wedge of health left in Mario's Health Meter, but must also land on the Lava while jumping and still manage to fall into the abyss after being burned by the Lava and losing a life. This glitch is tricky, but when done correctly, the player can clearly see Mario falling through the lava, as opposed to seeing Mario's silhouette falling through the lava, as one would normally see otherwise.

Fall off Starship Mario

Performing this glitch requires Luigi. The player should get a Cloud Flower and head to the Starshroom on Starship Mario. The player must backflip and create a cloud, then Long Jump away from Starship Mario. Luigi should create another cloud, backflip, then create the final cloud. If the player long-jumps away from Starship Mario, Luigi will lose a life.[citation needed]

Also, if the player infinite-flutters for a very long time, they will go out of bounds and lose a life.[14]

Flip-Swap Superjump

Mario performing the superjump.

In the Flip-Swap Galaxy, the player can use the upward momentum from a Red-Blue Panel flipping up to perform an extremely long, high jump. Mario must be on one of the non-flipping platforms in the galaxy. Then, he must run toward an empty space that a flipping platform flips to when Mario spins. Right before Mario runs into the empty space, he must spin to make the flipping platform flip to the empty space. Mario should fall onto the flipping platform while it is still rising. Finally, Mario must perform a Long Jump right before the platform stops moving. The timing for this is difficult, but if performed correctly, Mario will do a "superjump" that covers huge distance and can be used as a shortcut.[1][15]

This can also happen if Cloud Mario jumps immediately after he forms a cloud.[1]

Floating on the Megahammer Planet

Luigi and Yoshi floating in midair on the Megahammer Planet.

The player must make their way to Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet, where they must next use the "Yoshi's Infinite Flutter Jump" glitch to reach the Megahammer Planet. If they walk around the planet, they will hit an invisible wall. The player can jump onto it and will appear to be floating in the air while doing so.

Flutter to the Chance Cube Room

While on the Starship Mario, Mario must ride on Yoshi and stand on the lower-right side of the deck. Then, the player should Infinite Flutter in that direction for a long time. After, the player will see the Chance Cube Room hanging in midair. Mario and Yoshi can flutter into the room, but the Starship Mario music will still play. If the player takes the Warp Pipe to go back to Starship Mario, the glitch will end.

Fly around the Cyclone Stone

Luigi circling the Stone Cyclone Galaxy.

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Stone Cyclone Galaxy. The player should then go near the first Green Star and wait for the Tox Box to pass. If the player backflips at the right time, lands on top of the Tox Box when it is flat, then jumps with precise timing as it begins to turn, Mario will be launched into the air and circle the planet several times. This is similar to the super long jump in the Flip-Swap Galaxy.[16]

Fly Far

To perform this glitch, the player must do the mission "Return of the Whomp King." Then, they must reach the Whomp King, and when he falls down, get atop him and wait for him to get back up. If the player jumps with correct timing, the Whomp King will get up and fling the player far off the battlefield, causing them to lose a life. This also works with regular Whomps, but it is easier with the king, due to his size.[17]

Note: This was discovered when a fan was trying to do the "Lose a Life Without Getting Crushed" glitch and jumped with wrong timing.

High Backflip

This is a very difficult glitch and it involves the Whomp King. First, the player must get atop his head (this will take some effort on the player's part) and wait for a little, then he should fall down. The player must do a backwards somersault just as he is about to fall. If done correctly, the player should end up doing a very high backflip. (Again, this works with a Thwomp moving upward).

Inside Digga-Leg's Planet

It is possible to enter and remain inside the planet where Digga-Leg is battled when using the Spin Drill. The cause of this is unknown.

Invisible Platform/Through the Fence

In the Throwback Galaxy, after the "Welcome To The Galaxy!" message is displayed, Mario should go to the right, near the small fence. If the player times a jump perfectly, they will land on a small platform with nearly no room to stand on, so they will be standing on thin air. If the player runs in the direction of the main planet, they will go right through the fence and back to the main planet.[1]

Long Fall

In the Grandmaster Galaxy, the player must get to the Flipswitch Panel planet with Yoshi. Then the player must go to the far right-hand corner of the planet and then do the Infinite Flutter glitch forward into the endless abyss. The player has to keep going until the screen goes white, which will take a long time. Then, they should immediately jump off Yoshi and do a Ground Pound. Mario or Luigi will get smaller, and the background will return to normal. Mario or Luigi will keep falling for a long time before losing a life.

Long Jump off Water

While the player is surfaced on a body of water, they can perform a long jump if they press Nunchuk Z Button, then A Button (as they would to long jump on land) but with a shake of the Wii remote between the button presses.[1][18]

Messed-Up Crabber

A Crabber stuck in the ground.

To perform this glitch the player must go to the Starshine Beach Galaxy level "Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars." If the player spins a Crabber into deep water, the Crabber will dig its way back to the surface, but only half of it will appear and it will not move. Mario cannot interact with it. After a couple of seconds, the Crabber will come back up. A couple seconds after it comes back up, it will stand in midair. When it spots Mario, it will fall and return to normal.[1][19]

Off the Edge

On Starship Mario, the player is required to use Luigi. On the wall where the entrance to the center of the starship is, Luigi should be on either side off the wall. The player must crouch down, walk at the edge, get up, and let Luigi slide. Luigi will then be off the edge off the platform, his body model not moving, unable to do a full spin, and able to ground pound. If the player does the shake too much, Luigi will fall to the ground and his body model is able to move again.

Out of Bounds Gravity

In the second level of Slipsand Galaxy, the player should go to the area with the gravity counters. Instead of going left, they should wall jump to the platform, falling down and going into the green pipe. When they come out of the other green pipe they should go right, fall, enter, and then exit the gravity of the spinning cube without touching it. Then the player must go into the green pipe again. When they come out of the other green pipe, they will fall through all of the walls and go out of bounds. The player will fall for about thirty seconds and then lose a life. While falling they can see the background of the Slipsand Galaxy.[20]

Pushed through the Tower

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Throwback Galaxy and reach the top of the tower with the Whomp. The player must stand under the very edge of where the Whomp is about to crash down and jump right before getting crushed. If done correctly, the player will be pushed to the other side of the planet with the Whomp King.[1][21]

Reach Flash Black's Roof

Mario and Yoshi on/in the roof of the large house that makes up most of the Starting Planet.

Another glitch that makes use of the aforementioned Infinite Flutter Jump glitch, this glitch takes place in the Flash Black Galaxy. To perform this glitch, one must first go through the entire Starting Planet, using the Launch Star to arrive at the Maze Planet. Once there, rather than hitting the checkpoint, the player should immediately turn around and make their way over back to where they started the level, crossing in front of the house. Upon returning to the beginning, it is now impossible for the player to enter the house through its regular entrance, but instead, it must be entered from the side. For this glitch, however, one must use the infinite flutter jump to eventually make their way onto the roof of the house. Due to the nature of the roof and the house itself, the player will only be able to walk on the roof in 2D. Also, the player cannot stand on the roof - they are actually standing in the roof, as it has no collision programmed.[1][22]

Skate on Lava

Mario skating on lava.

In Shiverburn Galaxy, the player should go to Prince Pikante's battle. They need to stand in a part of the battlefield and be hit by one of his fire meteors. While invincible, the player should skate at a lava spot on the ground. The player will skate through lava for a short amount of time.

Skate on Wood

Luigi skating on the platform.

In Cosmic Cove Galaxy's first level, if the player freezes the lake and goes to the small wooden platform closest to the waterfall, there will be a small space where the player can ice skate. If done correctly, the player can go back and forth, although they cannot turn around because the space is too small, but they can do a jump or a long jump.[1]

Slide in the Crack

Mario sliding in the crack.

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Chompworks Galaxy, stand on the column in the bottom-right corner of the ramp at the starting point, and walk toward the ramp. Mario/Luigi will continuously slide back and forth between the two platforms.[10][23]

Stuck in the Nose

If Mario walks on Starship Mario's nose a certain way, then lands on the ground right against it, he will get stuck in the crack. The player can escape by jumping.[1]

Upside-Down Yoshi

Yoshi upside-down in the doorway.

On Starship Mario, if the player dismounts Yoshi in the doorway to the engine room and pushes him in the door, he will flip upside down and be suspended in the air.[24]. This can also be achieved by dismounting Yoshi at the same time Mario enters the door.[10]

Walk on Air High in the Sky

Mario Side Somersaulting next to Yoshi, who is standing in midair.

This glitch can only be performed if the player is able to do infinite Flutter Jumps for about 3 minutes. The player should go to the Yoshi Star Galaxy and reach the planet with the first Star. He must get to the top, but not get the star. Instead, they should swing on the flower and then infinite flutter all the way left or right and keep going up. The player must hold left or right, depending on the wall the player is at, and as soon as the player moves past the boundaries, the player will be able to stand on the sky. The player will fall if they move too far. Note: If the player is on the right side, there are a few more invisible walls and floors.

Wrong Gravity

Luigi sleeping at a wall in Upside Dizzy Galaxy.

It is unknown how to do this glitch. However, the player can walk on the wall at a red region in Upside Dizzy Galaxy.

Yoshi Stuck in Tree

Yoshi in the tree.

To perform this glitch, the player should be on Starship Mario and see a tree on the left side of the deck's door to Luigi, close to two Green Lumas. The player should stay in the upper part of the deck with Yoshi and perform a Flutter Jump to the top of the tree. If done correctly, Yoshi will get stuck in the tree with the effect of when he is standing in the ground. This will return to normal when Yoshi goes back to his egg.[1][25]

Yoshi Underground

Yoshi underground while retreating to his egg.
Yoshi underground while walking into the water.

To perform this glitch, the player has to go to Starshine Beach Galaxy and stand in a place where there is a large amount of water. The player then has to go to the shallow part of the water where he can still stand. He then must flip off Yoshi and leave him to go back in his egg. When he does, Yoshi should go underground before coming back up to the surface. A similar glitch also occurs when the player slowly walks to deep water with Yoshi. The game attempts to bring the player fully underwater too early, forcing the player into the ground temporarily.

Yoshi Underwater

Yoshi walking underwater.

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Starshine Beach Galaxy and dismount Yoshi near a body of water. Then, the player should push Yoshi into the water before mounting him again. Yoshi will be able to walk underwater, even after leaving the water and reentering it. However, if the player falls off any edge, the glitch will end.[1]

Yoshi's Infinite Flutter Trap

Luigi and Yoshi falling infinitely.

In Hightail Falls Galaxy, one must Flutter Jump to the Kleptoad Planet. When the background turns pink and the planet is very close but not so close as the player is in its gravity, the player should stop fluttering. If done correctly, the player should see the background that is normally seen when the player is falling in Hightail Falls and is going to lose a life. However, instead of losing a life, the player will land on the dark blue part but invisible walls will prevent the player from leaving. The only way to leave is to exit the level or to reset the game. Alternatively, the player may fall towards the void infinitely, without dying or landing.

Yoshi's Super Jump

To perform this glitch, the player must go to Hightail Falls Galaxy and go to the second planet. Near the end where the Launch Star is found, right before getting onto the ledge of the platform where it is, the player must jump. Yoshi will then jump extremely high if he's still under the effect of the Dash Pepper. By doing this, if the player has enough time left on the Dash Pepper, they can reach the tallest point of the planet where Penguru is without getting another Dash Pepper. If the player goes up to Penguru with the second Dash Pepper, they can also do this, but they will end up a lot higher, and if the player keeps pushing forward on the Nunchuk Control Stick, they will fall and lose a life.

Zero-Gravity Whomp King

The glitch in action.

To perform this glitch, the player must go to Throwback Galaxy and select "The Return of The Whomp King." The player must lead the King to the edge of the platform until his feet are almost of the edge. Then, the player should hang off the edge of the platform between his feet and he will slam down. He will make the same sound as if he were slamming into the ground, but he will be floating off the edge. Unlike a normal enemy, he won't fall down. His shockwave will knock the player off the edge and the Black Hole will suck the player in, though.[1]


Ice Music on Fiery Planet

In the Shiverburn Galaxy, on the starting planet, the player must hit the switch that freezes the planet and then grab a Cloud Flower. The player should go to the original landing point and long jump in the direction of the Lava Rock planet. Then, the player should make a cloud and long jump, repeating two more times. Mario/Luigi will fall into the Lava Rock planet's gravity and will land on the planet. The player will be on the Lava Rock planet, but the cold planet music will still be playing.[26]


Automatic Door

To perform this glitch, the player must go to Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla and backflip up to the top of the castle exterior. When they jump back down again, the door on the starting planet will have opened without Mario hitting the switch.

Beat Grandmaster Galaxy with Yoshi

Mario and Yoshi on the Gateway Planet.

To perform this glitch, the player has to go to the second area of the Grandmaster Galaxy with Yoshi and go to the top right corner and Infinite Flutter Jump. The screen should turn white, and after a long while of fluttering, the player should enter the electric fence area. The player should keep fluttering until they reach the Launch Star. It will not activate at first, but after a while, it will activate. Using it will lead to the next area and the player just needs to finish the level. It is also possible to beat the Electric Fence Area with Yoshi simply by Infinite Fluttering inside the fence.[27]

Brief Credits Freeze

During the credits, Mario or Luigi must hit the Yoshi Egg and use Yoshi. If Mario or Luigi keeps mounting/dismounting Yoshi, the screen will freeze a slight bit. Note: Mario or Luigi must keep on mounting and dismounting Yoshi until the page turns to the last page.

Coin Resurrection

During the second phase of the final Bowser battle, one has to let Bowser damage Mario until he is at his last health point. At this point, there should be a coin from the recently destroyed meteorite on the current one Mario stands on. The player should allow Bowser to take away the final health point where then Mario will fall back and be pulled by the next meteorite's gravitational field, where Mario will then slam into the ground laying on his belly about to initiate the defeat animation, but if a coin lands on top of him, he will get up and the player can continue the fight.

Cosmic Clone'd Camera

The camera looking at the ground, with the player able to see Mario's silhouette frozen in mid-Spin through it.

This glitch can only be performed in the Spin-Dig Galaxy in the level Silver Stars Down Deep. In order to make it work correctly, the player must have extremely precise timing. When the level starts, Mario will be on a small raised platform on the Starting Planet. Normally, when the player jumps off the platform, Cosmic Clones will appear and chase Mario until the player Spins the Crystal just south of the starting platform to release the Launch Star, at which point they will disappear. The player can avoid having to deal with them altogether if they jump off the platform towards the Crystal and spin it immediately, before the Cosmic Clones have a chance to appear at all. However, for some reason, when the camera tries to angle slightly to draw attention to the appearance of the Cosmic Clones as it sometimes does, it will instead turn the view all the way around to the other side of the planet, making the camera look straight at the ground, and allowing the player to see Mario's silhouette frozen in mid-spin. This can only happen if the player successfully spins the Crystal at the exact same time that the Cosmic Clones are just about to appear on the planet. If the player is too early, the Crystal will break and the Cosmic Clones will not appear at all; if the player is too late, the Cosmic Clones will appear anyway, and the player must quickly break the Crystal to get rid of them. Because the camera is supposed to be showing the appearance of the Cosmic Clones briefly, and the player does not need to move Mario at that time, the player's controls will now be completely frozen along with Mario, so the player is forced to look at the ground as the camera tries to draw attention to the Cosmic Clones that will now never appear, as the player has already prematurely triggered the event that causes them to disappear (the game itself is not frozen, though, so the music will still play and wind can faintly be seen blowing across the planet's surface). The only button on the Wii Remote that will actually work at this point is the Home Button, so the player must use that to return to the Wii Menu or reset the game, or restart the Wii altogether.

Delayed Transformation

This glitch can be performed in the Honeybloom Galaxy. In order for it to work, the player must traverse the level until they reach the area with the Trapdragons and Spindleburrs. Then, the player must allow Mario to get hit by a Spindleburr while buzzing through the air, causing Mario to fall directly onto a Bee Mushroom on the ground. As soon as Mario touches the Bee Mushroom, the transformation sound effect will play as normal, but Mario will not transform into Bee Mario until he recovers from the hit and stands up. This can also be done in the Shiverburn Galaxy with the cloud flower, by losing an edge of health by falling in the lava and touching the power-up.

Fall with a View

While playing as Luigi in Bowser's Galaxy Generator, the player must get a Life Mushroom and the Floaty Fluff. Then, the player must fly to the high platform near the volcanic wall and rub against the wall. The player will run up the wall, and fall behind it for a few seconds. While falling, three planets can be seen.

Fearsome Fleet Teleportation

In Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet, the player should activate the second moving platform and wait for another moving platform on the first track to appear. When it does, the player should jump on it and walk into the wall of the nearby stationary platform. When the platform disappears, Mario will be teleported back to the start of the area.[1]

Lose a Life in the Credits

The "Too Bad" screen appears in the end credits of Super Mario Galaxy 2.
When the player does the glitch with only one life left, the "Game Over" screen appears in the end credits.

To perform this glitch, the player must have 120 Power Stars. The player should defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Then, during the ending credits, a Bee Mushroom will appear in the part that shows Tall Trunk Galaxy and the Whittles. The player should grab the Bee Mushroom and wait until the scene that features Freezy Flake Galaxy is shown. Immediately, the player should fly toward the screen while they are still high in the sky. If performed right, Mario will go out of bounds and the "TOO BAD!" (or "Game Over" if the player has no extra lives) screen will display. In either case, after it fades, the screen will be completely black and the music will stop. However, this does not stop the credits and the sound of pages turning will still be audible. At the end of the credits, the "The End" screen will appear, with "TOO BAD!" or "Game Over" overlaid. After this fades, the game will return to normal at the Rosalina scene.[28][1]

Another way to do this glitch is to hop on Yoshi and go all the way to the cake. Mario and Yoshi must then get on top of the cake and use Yoshi's Infinite Flutter Jump glitch as quickly as he can (using the side somersault provides good start). Yoshi must keep on doing this until the screen starts to move up. Then the "TOO BAD" message will be shown.[29][1]

Messed-Up Cosmic Clones

In Cloudy Court Galaxy, the player must choose the mission "The Shadow Lining", then, on the Gravity Blocks Planet with the Star Chips, the player should go close to a star chip (not too close, just close enough to collect it) and grab it. If done correctly, the player will get the star chip, but the Cosmic Clones will not spawn. Using this glitch, the player can get to the first Launch Star without having to worry about the Clones.[1]

Miss the Platform

In the Grandmaster Galaxy, the player should go to the end of the first area with Yoshi and flutter jump to the Launch Star. Then, the player should beat the second area while still on Yoshi and go into the Launch Star. When Mario or Luigi is about to land, they will miss the platform and continue going. The screen will turn blue and Mario or Luigi will lose a life. This glitch may not always happen.[30]

Pass through Electricity

To perform this glitch, the player, after landing on the Banzai Bill planet of Bowser's Galaxy Generator, should deliberately lose two portions of Mario's life by touching the electricity wall. On the third go, however, Mario will pass through the wall without getting hurt.

Quick Recovery

If the player long jumps and hits something, normally they fall down and take a few seconds to get back up. However, if the player long jumps as soon as they fall, the player will get right back up. Note: this does not work after being hit by an enemy and knocked down.

Reach the Asteroids

In Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet's Gunner Path, in the solid platform, the Player must Infinite Flutter Jump towards one of the two rocky planets near the place. These planets don't have their own gravity, so, Mario can only stay at their top.[31]

Reappearing Coconuts and Watermelons

In Shiverburn Galaxy, the player should go to the area with Watermelons and get rid of at least one Watermelon. Then, they should press on the +Control Pad up and look at where the Watermelon used to be. It will reappear, and it will be slightly floating in midair.[32]

Sling Star Skip

To perform this glitch, the player must go to Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla. They must do a Triple Jump on the starting planet, landing the third jump near the Sling Star. If the player spins at the peak of the jump, they will end up on the Fire Planet without using the Sling Star. This is tricky because if the player spins at the wrong time, it will activate the Sling Star.

Squished in Midair

It is unknown what triggers this glitch, but if the player is on top of the Whomp King and does a jump toward him while he's getting up in a certain manner, the player will be crushed in midair for no apparent reason and lose a life. This glitch will work with both Mario and Luigi. The player can also be randomly crushed when Long Jumping past a Tox Box in Stone Cyclone Galaxy.

Stopped Rock Mario

To perform this glitch, the player must go to the Melty Monster Galaxy and select the mission "A Stroll Down Rolling Lane." The player must then grab the first Rock Mushroom and aim directly at one of the rubber bouncers. Then, the player should shake Wii Remote to turn into a boulder. Then, after about 3-4 bounces. Rock Mario should fly straight up then stop rolling. The player can jump and spin jump. To end the glitch, the player should just move the nunchuck.[1]

Stubborn Plants

To perform this glitch, Mario and Yoshi should approach an enemy that Yoshi can pull to defeat, such as a Piranha Plant or a thorny flower. Yoshi should grab onto them in mid-air while Flutter Jumping. Not only will the plant not struggle until Yoshi hits the ground, but Yoshi can flutter backwards and, on the Tower Planet in Yoshi Star Galaxy, make Yoshi's tongue stretch halfway around the planet. Yoshi can still pull back and defeat it like this, and it does not affect gameplay that much.

Stuck on the Bonus Planet

Mario sleeping on the bonus planet.

In the Throwback Galaxy, the player should get a Cloud Flower and go to the area right before the stairs with the Thwomp. Then, the player must go to the bottom-left corner and perform a long jump and use the Cloud Flower when necessary. Mario should get to the bonus planet defeat all the enemies. The music will not change and he will not teleport back.[1][33]

Travel to Other Planets

Luigi and Yoshi on the Spiny Shooting Planet.

To perform this glitch, the player must enter Yoshi Star Galaxy's mission "Saddle up with Yoshi." Then when they are on the Earth Planet, they have to use the infinite flutter jump until the camera turns to the other planet and let go with A Button. Mario or Luigi will land on the Central Shapes Planet from the episode "Spiny Control." The player can also go to the Marble Blocks and Spiny Shooting planets like this too, and the music will change too, as well as a 1-Up Mushroom.

Unactivated Hammer Bro.

In Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet, if Mario and Yoshi infinite-flutter to the airship with the Hammer Bro., a cutscene trigger will be skipped and the Hammer Bro. will not attack the player.[1]

Yoshi on the Cloud Tower

Luigi and Yoshi atop the tower.

To perform this glitch, the player must start the mission Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars and go to the pool with the Blimp Fruit, coins, and a 1-Up Mushroom. Yoshi must eat the fruit and fly to the bigger tower out of the two. When the fruit's effects run out, the player must infinite flutter jump the rest of the way. The player should be on the top of the tower. There are a few changes:

  • Yoshi cannot enter a bubble.
  • The ground pound switch is missing.
  • The entrance/exit hole has been sealed.

This can also be done in the Purple Coins mission, except after collecting 100 Coins, instead of collecting the Power Star, the player can enter through the bottom of the tower the normal way, and the changes stated above will still be there.

Yoshi Slide

Luigi and Yoshi sliding.

While riding Yoshi, the player must first crouch. They must then release the Nunchuk Z Button and quickly shake the Wii Remote right afterward. If done correctly, Mario and Yoshi remain in their crouching position. If the player moves, Yoshi will slide across the ground[34][35]. If the player moves into water or mud, the game will act as though it is just regular ground. If they walk on sand, footprints still appear. If they slide into a Cloud Flower, Mario sometimes remains in the crouching position as Cloud Mario.[1]

The glitch can be undone by doing any number of things, such as jumping, eating a Dash Pepper or Blimp Fruit, using a Warp Pad, talking to anyone, entering deep water, spitting out an enemy, etc.

Yoshi vs. Bowser

Yoshi and Mario battling Bowser

In Bowser's Galaxy Generator, the player will need to get all the way to the end of the level while riding Yoshi. Then, at the planet where the Snake Block ends, there is a big pole that will take the player to the big door. The player should stand next to the pole and do the infinite Flutter Jump glitch to get to the top of the planet and where the meteors are. The player should get off Yoshi and ground pound on the three meteors and open the door, but quickly get back on Yoshi before the portal opens. Both Yoshi and Mario/Luigi will go through the door. They will land on the next planet and be frozen for a short while.

The whole cutscene will play, but at the point where Bowser roars and Mario and the Luma fall to the planet where he battles Bowser, only the Luma will fall, and Mario/Luigi and Yoshi will be still frozen. But they will still fall to the next planet anyway. The only way to defeat Bowser is to jump off Yoshi, ground pound on the meteor, and land on Yoshi in mid-air. If the player manages to fully defeat Bowser to the Grand Star, Yoshi will be morphed in with one of the Lumas.[1][36][37]

Yoshi's Infinite Flutter Jump

To perform this glitch, Mario should ride Yoshi and perform a Flutter Jump. When he is almost finished, the player should release A Button and press Nunchuk Z Button, then, release Nunchuk Z Button and hold A Button, repeating this to gain more height.[1][38] This was discovered by fans very shortly after the game's release. This glitch is known by many fans as "Infinite Fluttering," and has become the most well-known glitch in the game. Using this glitch, players can fight the final boss, Bowser, and also even clear the Perfect Run with Yoshi. It is also because of this glitch that many other glitches have also been found.


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