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This is a list of glitches in Super Mario Sunshine. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural.

Graphics and visual rendering

Backwards FLUDD

Mario must first gain the Turbo Nozzle. Then, he must switch to the regular nozzle and push the R Button button all the way down. The player must move the control stick up and down quickly and push X Button. The Turbo Nozzle charges up, but instead of propelling Mario forwards, it acts as the regular nozzle shooting backwards.

Camera glitch #1

First, the player must go to Gelato Beach and select any episode, then search for the Dune Bud that leaves a large foot imprint or the one that indicates a secret Shine Sprite. From there, Mario must squirt the Dune Bud and, just before it reveals the imprint in the ground, Ground Pound. If done correctly, Mario will be launched to the sky, and he should do a quick and strong Ground Pound. The camera then zooms in all the way to Mario.

Camera glitch #2

To perform this glitch, the first Shine Sprite must be collected, and the red Gatekeeper is not defeated yet. First, the player must go over to the area where the Gatekeeper is. They go must underground via the manhole situated directly in front of the Gatekeeper. From there, they must head on over to the center of where it is, which is exactly where the Grand Pianta Statue would normally be. Then, the player must turn Mario to face the manhole while leaving the camera in its normal position. Once the player is ready, they must dive with the B Button button and then press the A Button button right at the tip of the actual enemy. If done correctly, the camera will freak out for less than a second and then revert back to where it is supposed to be. [1]

Camera glitch #3

The camera, as seen here, does not view the red pipe and instead focuses on Mario's position.
The camera, as seen here, does not view the red pipe and instead focuses on Mario's position.

To perform this glitch, the player must get to the top of the Shine Gate before the Rocket Nozzle has been unlocked. Once the player has reached the top, dropping down into the red pipe that leads to Pianta Village will have the camera continue to follow Mario as he lands on the 'bottom' of the pipe, rather than zooming in from a bird's eye view towards the red pipe as normal.


When directly under a Shine Sprite, if the player is holding R Button all the way down while jumping, Mario will get the Shine Sprite while FLUDD will act as if it were squirting water.

Ghost fish

The river in front of the Shine Gate has blue fish in it. If Mario follows them, they will swim away from him. If he then follows the fish and leads them to a wall, the fish swim through it. Also, in Gelato Beach, when playing through the Red Coins in the Coral Reef level, Mario can chase the blue or red fish and lead them to the wall of the high part of the reef.

Invisible Delfino Plaza

The invisible Delfino Plaza glitch
The Invisible Delfino Plaza glitch

If Mario uses the Rocket Nozzle in front of the entrance to the boathouse repeatedly, he eventually sees the inside of the boathouse. If he falls outside the boathouse, Delfino Plaza disappears. Only NPCs, fruits, and the cannon are visible. The glitch ends if the player enters a level.

Invisible fruit

To perform this glitch the player needs to find the shop vendor area in Delfino Plaza. The player must take any piece of fruit and throw/kick it towards the beach without getting it in the water. After waiting for a few seconds, the fruit will start to vanish, but before it completely disappears, the player must move it towards the water. If done right, the fruit will disappear before it lands in the water, yet there will still be a splash where the fruit would have landed. Then, if the player goes back to where the original spot for the fruit was, it will be there, but invisible.

Magic fruit/items

This glitch is very simple to perform. First Mario must be riding Yoshi. Then the player should perform the Frozen Yoshi glitch on a piece of fruit causing it to hover. After Yoshi and the fruit freeze, the player should jump back on Yoshi. The player now must move Yoshi a good distance away from the levitating fruit and then use his tongue. If done right, the floating fruit will suddenly reappear in front of Yoshi and Mario.

Mirror glitch

When Mario goes to a place with a mirror such as Gelato Beach, he can look into a mirror and see that FLUDD's head seems to be missing in the reflection.[2]

Misplaced block

When the lighthouse leading to Gelato Beach is covered by paint, the block that normally sits on top of it is still there, floating in the air.

Misplaced manhole

When Delfino Plaza is flooded, the manhole cover underneath the southwestern bell tower is missing, leaving just the manhole. As it is inaccessible during this period, it does not affect gameplay. The manhole cover may not, however, be completely gone, as a manhole cover mysteriously appears inside the jail at the southeastern bell tower.

Moving puddles

In Delfino Plaza, Mario should be on top of the canopy of one of the boats. The player now must press Y Button, aim at the front end (the pointed end) of the canopy, and fire a stream of water. If done correctly, the puddles that the stream makes when it hits will move underneath Mario's feet, as if the ground (or, in this case, the canopy) is in motion.

Odd Shine Sprite cutscene

If Mario jumps high when collecting a Shine Sprite, he can enter first-person view while in the air and change the camera angle. When he lands and the "You Got a Shine Sprite!" cutscene is shown, the camera angle is offset and shows Mario either from the side or from behind during the cutscene. Mario can also do this in any of the Shadow Mario episodes. When Shadow Mario has been caught and the Shine Sprite he releases flies into the air, Mario must position himself under it and immediately go into first-person view. If Mario does the glitch this way, he can additionally squirt water from FLUDD while in first-person mode, which causes FLUDD's nozzle to be going through Mario's cap during the cutscene, as well as performing a squirting action, even though no water is released.

Purple Toad's blue vest

When Delfino Plaza is flooded, Purple Toad is wearing a blue vest, similar to Blue Toad. No other Toad's vest changes.

Random flying Yoshi

To perform this glitch, Mario has to go to Sirena Beach and choose Episode 3. After getting Yoshi, Mario must go to the attic and run into the first sleeping Boo. Then, he should go to the third floor and jump in the north-west corner. He will be able to see Yoshi flying randomly through the floor.

Tiny tree

A tiny palm tree in Bianco Hills.
Mario standing next to a palm tree that has stopped growing in Bianco Hills.

When Mario sprays the ground with water from FLUDD in certain levels, including Bianco Hills and Gelato Beach, a palm tree instantly grows out of it. When this happens, the palm tree that comes out of the ground occasionally does not grow fully, and therefore only is about half as large as it is normally supposed to be. However, if Mario jumps toward the trunk of the small tree and attempts to climb it as he normally would, he grabs onto an invisible regular-sized trunk, which is where the trunk of the normal-sized tree would be if it is not for the glitch.

Under the cannon

The Cannon Glitch
Mario standing in the cannon in Pinna Park.

During any episode of Pinna Park (excluding episode two), Mario can try to ground pound the Pianta working in the cannon. It takes a few tries, but if done correctly, Mario can go under the Pianta and inside the cannon. This is also possible, in Delfino Plaza, on the cannon that leads to Pinna Park (before it is working).

Walk in first-person mode

This glitch requires the Turbo Nozzle. If the R Button button is lightly held down while in first-person mode (by pressing the Y Button button), Mario will walk while still in first-person mode.

Physics and collision detection

The Beach Cannon's Secret Shortcut

This glitch requires precise timing. The player should go to Pinna Park and enter The Beach Cannon's Secret, then go up to the Monty Mole in the cannon. While it is attacking, the player must use the Hover Nozzle to get Mario over the opening where the Monty Mole is and quickly do a Ground Pound. If done correctly, Mario will go through the Monty Mole and into the portal to the secret level.

Beached Cheep Cheep

In Gelato Beach, where the eight Red Coin reef is located, Mario must have a Cheep Cheep following him to a walkable coral reef top. When it is on the top, the Cheep Cheep will be stuck on the top and Mario can go through it as if it is not there. Oddly, its animation is still in motion even after it has been beached.

Blasting through the wall

The player must first get the Turbo Nozzle in Delfino Plaza and then head to the fruit stands. While standing slightly against the wall behind the papayas and pineapples (Mario's body should touch the wall, but he should not be directly facing it), Mario can blast his Turbo Nozzle, and before reaching the durians, he will go right through it into an underground area. If Mario stops, he automatically dies, but it is possible that Mario might come across an underground pipeline to run into.

Boat out of stage

In Noki Bay, Mario must take the boat and navigate it to the boundary. If Mario jumps out of the boat at the last second, the boat goes outside the boundary. Mario cannot get the boat back.

Broken bridge

If Mario visits Pianta Village, squirts the ground in front of him, and dives forward to move faster, a glitch may occur. If Mario slides on the bridge to Pianta Village, he might fall through the bridge and die. However, Mario can hover to the nearest mushroom to prevent himself from dying.

Cannon repair glitch

While the cannon leading to Pinna Park is being repaired by the Pianta, it is possible for Mario to ground pound into the cannon. The cannon must be pounded near the edge, or Mario simply bounces off the Pianta. This does not send Mario to Pinna Park though; he still needs to unlock the level. If one changes the camera angle, they can see the inside of the repair Pianta. This also works for the Pianta that is in Pinna Park.

Dancing fruit

In Pinna Park, Mario must get into the park and find any given fruit except for a durian. He can then grab it and take it to the Yoshi-Go-Round. If he then puts it in an egg, whatever fruit he brought over might spin.

Death by Pianta

A glitch caused by talking to a Pianta after ground pounding behind him in Super Mario Sunshine
Mario losing a life after talking to a Pianta.

In the eighth episode of Sirena Beach, Mario must go to the pool room in the hotel and ground pound behind the Pianta. This may take a few tries to do correctly. Once behind the Pianta, Mario must talk to him. Mario will then fall off the room and lose a life.

Dismount a Blooper Racer

In the sixth episode of Ricco Harbor, the player can stop Blooper-surfing by either landing on the Rocket Nozzle box, hitting a Pianta with a swim ring, or landing on an umbrella while riding a Blooper Racer. By doing this, the Blooper disappears and the player can move around as normal again.[3]

Durian kick loop

In Pianta Village's tree that grows all the kinds of the fruit in the game, knocking down the durian and going towards it at a specific angle will cause Mario to be stuck in a loop of him kicking it at the tree, which reflects it back. It will create a large cloud of particle effects.[4]

Early Blue Coin #1

By hovering into the right spot at the Yoshi graffiti from near the Pinball Machine level entrance, Mario will clip through the roof. Mario will get the Blue Coin, but he will be stuck. The only way to get out is to lose a life or, after saving, reset the game.[citation needed]

Endless head bonking

First, Mario needs to go to Pianta Village and select the eight episode, named Fluff Festival Coin Hunt. Then, he should go to the large tree and use the Hover Nozzle at the corner of the tree until he hits his head. Mario then gets stuck in that spot hitting his head infinitely. To undo the glitch, the player must press start and choose EXIT.

Fruit going through objects

While in Delfino Plaza, the player must head over to where the vendors are and grab any fruit. While standing under any of the roofs that the vendors stay under, the player must throw the fruit. If done correctly, the fruit will go through the roof and then come rolling back down.

Flooded Shine Sprite

During the flood in Delfino Plaza, the player must use the Walk Underwater v2 glitch and go to the beach area of the city. Mario needs to spray around the sand near the umbrellas until he sees flying yellow sparks. Mario needs to focus by squirting water there until it reveals an image of a Shine Sprite that gives the player only one coin.

Frozen Yoshi and floating objects

If Mario lets a Yoshi eat an enemy or fruit, but dismounts it while Yoshi's tongue is pulling it in, the Yoshi remains in its bent-down position with the fruit or enemy floating right in front of it. The Yoshi's saddle also hovers slightly above its actual flesh. This also works if Mario lets Yoshi stick out its tongue, but then takes damage or dismounts. Also if Yoshi is squirting juice, and Mario dismounts or takes damage.

Ghost trees

If Mario picks up a fruit and tries to put it down while facing and touching a tree, the fruit goes inside the tree. It can be retrieved by facing the tree and pressing the B Button button.

Hit into space

Mario high in the air as a result of the Rocket Nozzle glitch

Mario must first enter Bianco Hills; it is recommended that episode eight be entered. He must then travel to the Rocket Nozzle box on the platform near the lake. Then, he should get on said tightrope and use the nozzle without jumping several times. Mario then needs to be hit by the Wind Spirit; if the glitch is done correctly, Mario is flung high into the air.

Il Piantissimo goes through Mario

Mario must enter any level where Il Piantissimo can be found. He must go to wherever his location is and initiate the race. The player must make sure that as the race is going on, Mario is a couple seconds ahead of Il Piantissimo. Once the flag is reached, he must stand a little ways away from the flag and attempt to stand in a place where Il Piantissimo, after finishing the race, stands. The exact location depends on what area the race is being held in. If Mario finds just the right spot though, once Il Piantissimo finishes the race, he stands exactly where Mario is standing, making the two clip through each other. The glitch ends once Il Piantissimo stops talking to Mario, at which point Mario is shoved out of Il Piantissimo's spot.[5]

Infinite slide #1

First, Mario must go to the underground tunnel by the police Piantas in Delfino Plaza and go underground. From there, Mario must squirt water in front of him. Immediately after that, he must slide downward without stopping. When Mario reaches the bottom, instead of hitting his head, Mario is still in the sliding position, but not moving because of the wall. The sound of Mario sliding can also be heard. To stop, Mario has to jump.

Infinite slide #2

In Delfino Plaza towards where the policemen are, Mario must go towards the left of the blue Pianta and angle himself very slightly to be facing the right of the corner made by the two buildings. If he then squirts water in front of him with FLUDD and then proceeds to slide on top of it, Mario will slide into the corner and then continue to slide infinitely. The glitch is ended by pressing A Button. [6]

Inside a buoy

The player must go to Delfino Airstrip, over to the left part of the stage in the water where four green buoys are floating on the water. The player must dive under the water next to any given one of them and swim under it, then repeatedly press the A Button button. After a few seconds, Mario will eventually glitch inside of it. Mario can then swim around a little bit within the buy as if he were swimming in water, ignoring the buoy. To get out, the player must jump or tilt the control stick away from the buoy.

Inside the Dune Bud

This glitch can only be performed on Gelato Beach. For it to work, Mario must spray a Dune Bud by using FLUDD's Hover Nozzle to float over it, as opposed to using the Squirt Nozzle to water it. More often than not, this results in Mario being flung into the air by the Dune Bud regardless. However, occasionally, the Dune Bud explodes out of the sand, and Mario is left hovering inside it. He is now free to move inside the Dune Bud until it forms back into the sand (Mario's silhouette is shown through the Dune Bud just as it normally would when Mario stands behind or under another object). Mario must have precise timing when doing this and must be in the right place over the Dune Bud when hovering to make it work correctly.

Intangible Wheel

To do this glitch, Mario must go to Bianco Hills and use the Turbo Nozzle to ride over the lake. Then, he should come out and go onto the small hill next to the wheel on the right. Mario must jump and, if done right, go through the wheel.

Land under Pianta Village

Land under Pianta Village glitch from Super Mario Sunshine.

In Pianta Village, if Mario falls down from the side of the rope bridge, he dies. However, sometimes instead of dying Mario lands onto a white floor in an endless area. Mario is free to move, shoot water, etc., but is stopped by invisible barriers after a few meters. The only way out is to reset the software. It is not possible to save.

Leaf boat out of stage

Very rarely when hitting a wall in the Lily Pad Ride, the leaf boat may phase through the wall into the cloudy area, causing Mario to fall into the water.

Literal blue screen of death

The 'Blue Screen of Death' glitch in Super Mario Sunshine.
The literal blue screen of death glitch in Delfino Plaza.

The Blue Screen of Death is an area under most levels. If the player stays on the ground for too long, then Mario gets hit, he loses all health and dies automatically.

In Gelato Beach, Mario has to climb to the highest rope and jump to the west; if he presses B Button at the right time before hitting the invisible barrier, Mario falls through the ground and into a blue void. This can also be done by jumping at the right time after using the Turbo Nozzle to run up the hill.

Mario can also do it in Delfino Plaza by going on the top of the Banana Tree and jumping and hovering to an open window. He needs to be above the open window, where the roof and building meet. Next, he will be inside the building, in the Blue Room of Death. Mario has to jump about every 3 seconds to avoid death. For Mario to get out, he has to do a Triple Jump, which puts Mario in the sewers. If he has Yoshi, he can triple jump up into the plaza.

The glitch can be done another way in Delfino Plaza by going under the deck near the entrance to Noki Bay. Then, Mario should use the turbo nozzle to run under the water. Then, he should jump directly under the crate on the deck, very close to the wall. If performed correctly, Mario should be inside the crate. If Mario walks into the wall on the right, Mario should be in the Blue Screen and die.

A similar glitch occurs in Noki Bay. After a certain maneuver into a puddle at the base of the cliff from the first Shine Sprite, Mario will be underwater, but also under the cliff itself. If he swims too far into the cliff, he loses a life upon reaching a blue screen of death.

In Bianco Hills, If Mario attempts to belly slide under the waterwheel at an angle, he gets knocked through the ground and dies before he can regain mobility.

In Delfino Plaza, there is another location that can be fallen through in the hill to the right of the Shine Gate. Considering the location, it is likely that Mario will land in the underground pipes.

Manhole glitch

The manhole glitch in Super Mario Sunshine.
The manhole glitch.

The player must go into a manhole and jump out, then fly away with the Hover Nozzle. Now the manhole is unflipped. Step on it and it will be switched to the other side.

Mario inside the Chain Chomp

In Episode 4 of Pianta Village, if Mario falls into the water of the Pianta Hot Spring at the same time that the overheated Chain Chomp is making its way there, the Chain Chomp enters the Pianta Sauna and stays there, causing Mario to end up inside the Chain Chomp. If the player tries to move Mario in this situation, Mario can fall through the ground and lose a life.

Mario's perpetual fall

Mario must go to Gelato Beach. He must go to where the Dune Bud has the hidden Shine Sprite in it. Mario must stand on the edge of the area that the Dune Bud creates. Then, Mario must squirt the Dune Bud, and with good timing, when the Dune Bud takes effect, he should Ground Pound. Mario is launched into the air, still ground pounding. It takes Mario a couple of minutes to land. By moving the camera around, Mario can see that he is extremely far away from Isle Delfino. If Mario does this glitch while on Yoshi, Mario and Yoshi are launched even higher. Sometimes, Mario Ground Pounds for hours, with Isle Delfino nowhere in sight. The player either has to wait it out or reset the game to be rid of the glitch. This glitch is similar to the camera glitch in Gelato Beach (see Camera Glitch #1).

Nozzle box glitch #1

First, Mario must release Yoshi from his egg. Next, Mario must jump on any nozzle box while riding Yoshi. Mario must then position himself where the nozzle box was before breaking it open. Then, he should dismount Yoshi. If done correctly, Yoshi gets stuck inside the nozzle box.

Pianta Village falling and not dying

Very rarely, when Mario falls into the void on Pianta Village, he will get past the death barrier and fall onto a solid, blue surface. The player can move the camera in any direction and also walk around. After a while, this glitch may either cause the game to freeze, or Mario will die and the level will be restarted normally.

Shaking Yoshi

If Mario dismounts Yoshi in the air in Delfino Plaza over the durian fruit basket, Yoshi lands on the fruit basket and shakes up and down. Also, Mario can walk through Yoshi without being blocked.

Sitting in the air

First, Mario must go in the doorway to the box breaking game. Then, he must wait for the end of the game. When there is about 1 second left on the clock, Mario has to ground pound. If in the middle of ground pounding, the Pianta speaks to Mario normally while Mario is sitting in the air. When the Pianta is finished speaking, Mario finishes ground pounding. This may take a couple of attempts.

Sitting in the boundary

At times when attempting the Blue Screen of Death glitch, Mario comes across another glitch that allows him to sit in the boundary of a level.

In Gelato Beach, if Mario is too far away from the ropes after using Rocket Nozzle and Ground Pound, he gets stuck inside the boundary. Mario looks as if he is sitting in the air. The only way to stop this is to release the R Button button.

In Noki Bay, when using the Rocket Nozzle to get as far out of the level as possible, Mario soon hits a boundary. Sometimes, when doing a ground pound, he gets stuck inside the boundary in the same position as Gelato Beach.

Swim in the lava in Corona Mountain

A Super Mario Sunshine glitch in which Mario swims in Corona Mountain's lava.
Mario swimming in Corona Mountain's lava.

Mario must go to Corona Mountain and stand where the first 1-Up Mushroom is found. Then he has to collide with the Lava Cheep Cheep in a certain point, and he is allowed to swim in the lava. This happens because only the top of the lava is programmed to kill Mario immediately, so once he gets below the top Mario is not harmed. When Mario gets hit by the Lava Cheep Cheep, he is pushed under the goop before any life can be taken, allowing him to swim in the water. Once Mario goes back up for air, he will lose a life.[7]

Through the branch

In Pianta Village, Mario must jump off the bridge. If he lands on the big branch, he may go through it as if it were not there and die. Mario stops his falling scream when touching the branch, but starts again when falling through. It is possible for him to land in a white location with invisible walls keeping Mario in a small area; by using the camera's over the shoulder view and looking up, the player can see each game location situated on top of mushrooms.

Through the metal crates

Through the Metal Crates Glitch
Mario passing through the crates.

Mario must go to Ricco Harbor and choose "Gooper Blooper Breaks Out". He must then go to the metal crates that have the Gooper Blooper tentacle sticking out, grab it, and go towards the crates further back. Mario can go through them. If he did not grab the tentacle, it acts as a normal boundary.[8]

Throwing teleport

If Mario throws a fruit or barrel as soon as he lands on the ground at the edge of a ledge, he will teleport to the ground below. This is due to a flaw in the game's code that checks if there is a floor beneath Mario after throwing an object, and snaps him to it no matter how far away it is.[9] If performed at the edge of Pianta Village, Mario will warp to the bottom of the map, bypassing the death barrier.[10] If performed in Bianco Hills at the edge of the lake where Petey Piranha sleeps, Mario will warp to the bottom of the pit and can swim in the water, having bypassed the death barrier on the way down.[11]

Walking underwater 1

Mario Walking Underwater Glitch from Super Mario Sunshine.
Mario walking underwater glitch.

If Mario walks through the sewers, he can find a path that leads Mario behind the Shine Gate, where he can find a few pools of water. If he swims into the lowest one that is blocked by a gate, and if he presses B in front of it, one of many glitches can occur. Mario can either walk underwater in the pool without an underwater life meter, go through the gate and fall into an area behind the waterfall, or fall into the sewers. If the first result occurs, then Mario can walk underwater as described above. He walks as though he is on land. However, note that if Mario gets his whole body out of the water (For example, using the Rocket Nozzle), when he lands in the water, he swims normally again.

If the second result occurs, Mario lands in a strange underground area. Running forward results in hitting the wall behind the waterfall and dying. However, running backwards makes him fall into the sewers. In both that and the third results, the sewers can be navigated and exited normally.

There is also a fourth possibility. While falling through the ground as seen in possibility two and three, Mario needs to use the Hover Nozzle and to hover to the water in front of the waterfall. If done correctly, Mario walks in the water. This way, he can walk around the entire ocean in Delfino Plaza, but once again, when his body is out of the water, he swims normally in the water again.

Also, in Ricco Harbor, if Mario goes to the crane near where he fought Gooper Blooper and jumps over the small wall, then waits until the crane goes onto his head and jumps, he falls behind the wall. If he lands in water, he can swim backward. Then, he can go the other way and jump through the wall and into water.

Walking underwater 2

First, Mario must activate the flood by defeating Shadow Mario on every level. When Mario starts, he is in front of the Shine Gate. Mario must swim to the log floating in front and try surfacing under it. It takes a few tries, but if done correctly, Mario experiences one of two glitches. He either walks underwater or appears in the blue screen of death. This works with any log.

Walking underwater 3

This works in Sirena Beach and early in Delfino Plaza. First, Mario must pick up a water barrel and carry it into the shallow water at the beach. After going in as far as possible without swimming, Mario must put the barrel down. Now, Mario has to go to the other side and pick the barrel up again. Mario goes underwater with the barrel and is allowed to walk around.

Walking underwater 4

A walking underwater glitch first demonstrated by passing through a poorly clipped corner of a wall in Super Mario Sunshine.
Mario passing through the corner of the wall.

In Noki Bay, Mario must use a trampoline to make him pass through the corner of a wall due to faulty clipping on corners. Then, he falls into a pit and walk underwater when he reaches the blue bank. There, his running speed is faster than normal. [12]

Walk into a durian

In Delfino Plaza towards where the policemen are, if a durian is kicked over towards the left of the blue Pianta and into the corner made by the two buildings and he continues to kick the durian into the corner, he will eventually walk into it and can stay inside of it. If the A Button button is pressed, Mario will jump, making the durian jump up too. Then if Mario simply stands still, the durian will bounce on top of Mario's head until he moves.

Watermelon Festival skip

By performing this glitch, The Watermelon Festival Shine can be obtained during any episode of Gelato Beach. The player must grab a coconut and go to the roof of the Surf Cabana. Once on the roof they must, at a suitable distance away from the juicer on the roof, let go of the coconut and, as it is pushing them back run at it. If done correctly, Mario clips through the roof of the cabana; using the Hover Nozzle the player must then slowly maneuver Mario toward the tube containing the Shine Sprite in the center of the cabana. If done correctly, Mario clips through the tube and can collect the Shine Sprite inside.[13]

Wheel glitch

To perform this glitch, Mario must perform the "Intangible Wheel" glitch, but he has to do it incorrectly, and he will bounce back. After that, he must Turbo Nozzle into the wheel without jumping and hit a spoke. If he tries to go back to the lake, he touches an invisible wall. The spokes moves right through him. For Mario to end this glitch, he can get out of the spokes' range.

Yoshi on the Lonely Island

The player should get Yoshi and Spin Jump into a wall at the Shine Gate. The player should dismount Yoshi in midair. Then, Yoshi should be inside the Shine Gate. Mario should then get the Turbo Nozzle and go under the central dock, and use the Turbo Nozzle to go inside the box. He then should jump into the Blue Screen of Death, then get on Yoshi and Flutter Jump until he is walking underwater. The Lonely Island is now reachable.

Yoshi secret level glitch

Downwarp glitch
The underground tunnel downwarp glitch

Mario first must go get Yoshi and head to the police tower. He then should go to the sides with the balcony and dismount Yoshi while in the air. Yoshi should be inside the police tower if the glitch is done correctly. The player can look at Yoshi from inside the building. Mario can still get back on Yoshi, though he will not be able to get out of the building, because the level requiring the Turbo Nozzle to be entered will be entered.

Underground tunnel downwarp

In the underground tunnel near the island by the entrance to Pinna Park, if Mario goes to the corner south of the northmost dead-end, and sidestep walks into the inner corner wall, he will instantly warp downwards a considerable distance below Delfino Plaza, and will die shortly afterwards.

Enemy behavior, event activation, and scripting

Broken FLUDD glitch #1

If Mario uses up all of his water in FLUDD's tank and goes to refill it in a body of water with the spray nozzle on, if the R Button button is held down even after the tank has been filled, FLUDD will start acting as if it is spraying water. Though the sound effect for the water being sprayed can be heard, no water will actually come out of FLUDD's nozzle. It should be noted that if this is done with even just an ounce of water left in FLUDD's tank, this glitch will not work and FLUDD will spray water once it has been refilled. The glitch will end when either FLUDD stops trying to spray water or the R Button button is let go of.

Broken FLUDD glitch #2

With FLUDD switched to the spray nozzle, if the R Button button is held down and then the A Button button is pressed, Mario will backflip and FLUDD will let out a huge burst of water. However, if the R Button button is still held down after this, FLUDD will be acting as if it still spraying water (with the sound effect for it playing as well) despite the fact that no water will actually be coming out. More backflips can be performed while doing this; however, doing this will not yield any more bursts of water or reverse the glitch. The glitch will end when either FLUDD stops trying to spray water or the R Button button is let go of.

Cheep Cheeps hate fruit

In Gelato Beach, Mario can stop a pink Cheep Cheep from dragging him underwater if he picks up a piece of fruit (excluding durians) and starts swimming with it. The Cheep Cheep follows Mario (and sometimes even passes through him), but cannot drag him.[14]

Delfino Plaza music glitch

If Mario gets the 100th coin in the sewers of Delfino Plaza, after the Shine Sprites appears, the Delfino Plaza music plays instead of the Sewers Music.

Double Yoshi juice

SMS Yoshi Juice Glitch.jpg

Performing any out-of-bounds glitches with Yoshi allows him to shoot juice from his mouth and rear.

Early Blue Coin #2

When in Delfino Plaza after the first shine has been collected at the Delfino Airstrip, Mario should go over to the Bianco Square where the Gatekeeper lies. Going over to the west side of the Plaza, Mario should either slide on the goop and head in the direction of the boathouse or attempt to lead some of the Swoopin' Stus in the same direction. After a while, a light blue pianta heading in the direction of the Gatekeeper will appear around the corner. This Pianta, after reaching Gelato Beach, will be on fire and must be doused with water in order to obtain one of Delfino Plaza's blue coins. If, however, the Pianta falls into the goop in Delfino Plaza and is then saved by Mario, he will still reward Mario with a blue coin as thanks for saving him. Later, after the player reaches Gelato Beach, the Pianta will not be found on fire and will therefore not give Mario another blue coin.

Freeze the Pianta's box breaking minigame

The player must execute the error of keeping the timer on the screen in the Pianta box-breaking minigame. The difference here, however, is that Mario must re-enter. If successful, the Pianta, who normally would not let Mario repeat the minigame until he comes out, will let Mario repeat the minigame. However, if the player agrees to repeat the minigame, the Pianta will still have the icon to talk to, which is normally not possible during the minigame. By talking to the Pianta again, Mario will be able to select whether to repeat the minigame again (ignoring the fact that the minigame is active). Selecting either option will softlock the game into an infinite conversation that Mario cannot leave. This can happen more easily if the player does not exit all the way and stays at the edge of the entrance, so by making a few moves, Mario will enter the location in this glitch state.

Frozen Yoshi V.2 glitch

If Mario ground pounds the edge of a crate what he usually does is falls back, but if he is riding Yoshi, Yoshi will be frozen until the player walks, jumps, sprays Yoshi juice or waits about a second and a half.

Funny walking

Mario must get the Rocket Nozzle or Turbo Nozzle. Then, the player should press R Button very lightly. If done correctly, Mario walks strangely until the player stops holding R Button.

Game resets itself

This glitch can be done in the Ricco Harbor while playing through the "Blooper Surfing Safari" level. First, Mario must pick a Blooper from the floating platform. As he navigates himself to the tunnel with the pollution, Mario must enter the tunnel, but only before the screen changes to the Blooper race course inside the tunnel. Just as he enters, the player must pause the game and select, "EXIT AREA". He will then enter the tunnel, but instead of entering the Blooper race course, the game will reset itself. This works everywhere that Mario goes to another part of the level, except for the cutscenes involving Mecha-Bowser in Pinna Park, which instead simply skips those cutscenes.

Gelato Beach softlock

If the player reads the sign in front of the Cabana in episode 8 of Gelato Beach in the Italian version of the game, two text boxes will open instead of one. After the player closes the first one, they'll be stuck on the second one, and forced to reset the game.[15]

Ghost Yoshi

There is a glitch where Mario can still ride Yoshi after it vanishes, though it requires extremely precise timing. The player must have a Yoshi but should not be riding it and let his juice meter deplete. As Yoshi starts flickering and turning green, Mario must immediately jump onto Yoshi in the very last frame before it vanishes. If done correctly, Yoshi's dissolving animation will be shown but Mario will still be riding it, now invisible. Despite being invisible, Yoshi can still stick its tongue out and spit water. This glitch can even prove helpful since Yoshi will no longer starve from juice in this state, allowing the player to do some tasks easier such as beating Yoshi's Fruit Adventure and reaching the Lily Pad Ride island. Getting off Yoshi or bringing it to deep water will cause it to completely vanish, while feeding Yoshi with fruit will give it a color and revert it to normal.

Insomniac Mario

It is unknown what triggers this glitch, but while standing next to the entrance pipe to Pianta Village, Mario may not fall asleep while the game is left untouched for a long period of time. Due to unknown conditions for this glitch, it is worth noting that Mario is facing the camera when seen. This glitch is also possible standing in front of the Hillside Cave.

Klamber clip

This can only be done in the eighth episode of Ricco Harbor, Yoshi's Fruit Adventure. The player needs to go to the area with the Yoshi egg and hatch it, then feed Yoshi a durian so the blocks he makes with his juice are purple. The player then needs to go to the Klamber on the wall near the pile of blocks and, using Yoshi, spray juice at the Klamber and quickly jump on the purple platform. If done correctly, the player clips right through the wall and has to keep moving and jumping to prevent losing a life.

Mecha-Bowser cutscene skips

During the episode Mecha-Bowser Appears!, pausing and selecting "EXIT AREA" right before Mecha-Bowser is revealed and right after defeating it skips the respective cutscenes.

Mr. Blooptastic

Mario must go to Ricco Harbor and choose "Gooper Blooper Returns". When there, he must go to where the first Gooper Blooper fight is held and try to jump onto the arched wall to the right. He needs to spray Gooper Blooper from there. If the water reaches Gooper Blooper, Gooper Blooper extends his arms and they land almost all the way across the gap between the helipad and Mario. If Mario does this while standing at the closest point to him (the top-right corner of the rectangular part that extends), Gooper Blooper can reach Mario, and Mario can jump on his tentacles, but Mario cannot grab them due to the tentacles being slightly lower than the wall. Also, Gooper Blooper's arms seem to land on an invisible floor that Mario cannot stand on.

No hat NPC death

A glitch from Super Mario Sunshine.

While in Pinna Park Episode 7 when a Swipin' Stu steals Mario's cap, he slowly loses health due to the heat. While capless, Mario must talk to a NPC (Non-Playable Character) and wait a few seconds. Mario loses all his health points automatically, but does not actually lose a life until the player presses the A Button button to finish talking to the NPC. Instead, while talking to the NPC, Mario falls to the ground, as if he is defeated.[16]

Pinna Park intro cutscene skip

This glitch lets the player skip the cutscene where Bowser Jr. takes away Princess Peach out to Pinna Park. It is done with a series of complex inputs leading to the player clipping inside a building in Delfino Plaza and voiding out and dying on the same frame that the cutscene starts on.[17]

Pulling fruit out of thin air

Mario must first perform the "Frozen Yoshi and Floating Objects" glitch and then stay in the area where it was performed. If Mario hops back on the frozen Yoshi, he can continue to ride him around normally. But the first time after Mario hops back, the Yoshi sticks its tongue out and the item that is frozen in front of it suddenly appears. If the item is a fruit, it can conveniently be used to automatically refill Yoshi's juice capacity.

Run away from breaking the boxes with the timer on the screen

Mario must play the minigame of breaking the boxes in Delfino Plaza. When the timer is about to reach zero, the player has to make Mario exit the minigame. If successful, the stopwatch will remain on the screen and will continue to read zero seconds. The moment Mario hits the ground, the Pianta scene will occur as it normally does. If Mario manages to access a sewer with the glitch active, the scene will be glitched. This is solved by entering a level.

For the glitch to work, Mario must fall into the water to keep the timer active. The easiest way to do this is to use the Turbo Nozzle and (in one leap) jump to Toadsworth's head. It is also possible to make this glitch easier by accessing this minigame from the air (with the rocket storage glitch), approaching the entrance of the minigame and performing the same steps as before, except when the timer reaches 0, Mario has to jump and go to the water (Mario may crash into an invisible wall; it is possible to avoid this by having Mario jump and when shortly after the jump Mario collides with a ceiling, he can jump down).

Slow and speedy boss battle music

In this episode, Mario has to defeat the giant green Wiggler. When Mario hears the slowdown, he has to press the Z Button. Slower, deeper music plays. Also, with correct timing, Mario can hear a speedy version of the music in a high note.

Voice delay

If Mario gets a Game Over screen when inside the bonus stage in the Delfino Plaza, when the game shows the continue screen, the Mario's scream is heard as if Mario fell from a high place, but only if he fall from a high place. Players can tell when the glitch is about to happen because they can hear a strange "W-w-w-w-w-w" sound somewhat like Mario's voice. If players has more than one life left, they can hear this sound, but they cannot hear Mario actually scream.

Walking with the R Button held all the way down

To do this glitch, the player must do the FLUDD glitch, and hold the R Button down the entire time. When Mario gets back to Isle Delfino, he can walk with the R Button button held all the way down. Another way to do it is to press START or PAUSE, then to press the R Button button all the way down, and then to un-pause, causing Mario to squirt water but still be able to move.

Watermelon juicer glitch

Mario has to go to Gelato Beach. Then, Mario has to ride a Yoshi and get onto the large juicer on the roof of the surf cabana, which makes it almost impossible for the player to get on it again, because once the player gets on, Mario gets flung off because of the sharpness of the juicer. Yoshi, however, stays there. To end this glitch, the player must touch the juicer with Mario and jump on Yoshi and walk normally.

Yoshi infinite Flutter Jump

To do this, the player must jump with Yoshi and press X Button to dismount in mid air. Then, they should press L Button to Ground Pound back on to it instantly. Then, the player should hold A Button to Flutter Jump. The second the Yoshi stops fluttering, before touching the ground, the player must repeat the process. Using this, the player can get to the island that requires Yoshi to destroy the Orange Juice Generator blocking the Warp Pipe without using time riding the boats to get there. Unlike the Yoshi's infinite Flutter Jump glitch in Super Mario Galaxy 2, this version of the glitch does not truly make Mario go high, but he can cross otherwise uncrossable gaps very quickly. [18]

Yoshi's slippery saddle

To make this glitch occur, Mario must go to Sirena Beach and enter the hotel. Next, he must hop on a Yoshi and enter the attic. If Mario runs into a Sleepy Boo, he flies off the Yoshi, as usual, but if he tries to jump on the Yoshi again, he falls off the Yoshi again. Mario cannot jump on the Yoshi again unless he goes downstairs to get the Yoshi again or if Mario takes damage and then jumps on Yoshi.

Yoshi spitting at Piantas glitch

When riding on Yoshi, if the player talks to a Pianta when pressing the R Button button, Yoshi will spit juice at them. The Piantas will act normally like if they got sprayed by juice, but they will continue talking.


Mysterious book

A Super Mario Sunshine glitch.
The mysterious book in Noki Bay.

In Noki Bay, once inside the bottle in the Red Coins in a Bottle level, Mario should fall to the bottom of the bottle and then locate a small rock formation there. If Mario maneuvers into a small square opening towards the back right of the rock formation, he can find a small door inside the opening which is impossible to open. Therefore, the player must rotate the camera to see what is on the other side of the door. In doing so, Mario can see a brown book on the floor of the room behind the impassable door, though its purpose is unknown. Actually reaching the book itself proves slightly difficult. To do so, Mario must first have FLUDD's Hover Nozzle equipped, and then he should be before the opening in the rock formation leading to the door. Mario must then attempt to hover toward the door without hovering fully into the opening. If done correctly, Mario hovers through the roof of the opening and finds himself inside the room where the brown book is. However, Mario cannot physically touch the book.[19]

Nozzle box glitch #2

When Mario begins at Delfino Plaza, he must head to the East Bell Tower. Mario needs to stand on the first thin ledge halfway up the tower and face the Grand Pianta Statue. He must now enter first-person view and look upward until the view is inside the bell tower. If done correctly, he can see a Rocket Nozzle box, which is hidden inside the bell tower for unknown reasons. This box can be reached by taking Yoshi under the stage and then using the infinite flutter jump glitch to jump high enough to land on the box and obtain the Rocket Nozzle.[20]


  • After Toadsworth asks Mario to find some assistance, Mario says "Mmm-hmm" and turns to face the camera. During this scene, if the player looks closely at Mario's eyes, they are too far apart, mostly due to a position error.
  • In the first shot of Delfino Airstrip after the landing, Peach is behind Mario. When the camera zooms in on Mario and Toadsworth as they converse, Peach is behind Toadsworth.
  • It should be noted whenever Peach speaks, the corners of her mouth (outside the lipstick area) do not move at all. Only the center of her mouth (inside the lipstick area) moves when talking.
  • In the first two close-ups of Mario and Toadsworth at Delfino Airstrip, Peach's earrings use her eye texture.