List of Super Mario Maker 2 glitches

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This is a list of glitches from Super Mario Maker 2.


NOTE: All names are conjectural unless otherwise specified.

Bowser Behavior on Slope

Bowser may move very fast when on a slope, and it may even break stacks of enemies.[1]

Chain Chomp Glide

If the player places a Chain Chomp in a one long gap area and make it turn around to bounce on a Note Block close to the ceiling, the Chain Chomp will fall very slowly as it moves until it stops moving infront a wall. This also works on Munchers using a Buzzy Shell and Trampoline, however; they only move on ground rather than falling very slowly.[2]

Clip Through Semi Solids with Vine

The player can clip through semi solid blocks when one collects a Super Mushroom while clinging on a Vine.[1]

Coin in Pipe Limit Bypass

Warning!: Performing this act may corrupt your game's save files.

When the player goes beyond the Coin in Pipe limit, they cannot place any more of them. However, this can be bypassed by copying a Coin in Pipe until the real limit has been met. Performing this act can corrupt the level making it impossible to save, save as, or upload the course and it will be deleted.[3]

Floating Background Tiles

The player must multigrab and copy the background tile and a ? Block below, and placing the two ? Block under the background tile and then erase it, placing a third ? Block will remove the background tile. This glitch works on any game style.[2]

Flying Thwomp

If the player places a Thwomp facing left and a Buzzy Shell next to it and when it bounces off a Note Block, they will go up into the air and off-screen. They also get stuck in a freezing position if there is a Muncher near on top of Thwomp within the same setup. The player can fix the Thwomp by hitting it with a Buzzy Shell to revert the effects.[4]

Flying Yoshi

If the player sets a Yoshi on One-Way Wall facing down and bouncing on a Note Block, and when the lava rises to making contact with Yoshi, he will be launched up in the air very high and descend slowly back down to Lava. When this glitch is in effect, the player cannot ride Yoshi anymore due to the game thinking the Yoshi is in Lava.[3]

Fast Koopa Troopa

If the player stomps on a Koopa Troopa and drops the shell at the right timing as it wakes, the Koopa Troopa will go faster than its normal speed.[3]

Giant Player up on a wall

When the player grabs a Big Mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. style and enters the door with the Dry Bones Shell at the very right side of one vertical gap, the player will go up in the air by holding Right Button.[2]

Hidden Air Block

To perform this glitch, the player needs to place a Hidden Block on top of a Warp Door and place a Vine inside, then hit the block to reveal the vine and quickly go inside the door. Then, the player should be able to stand on top of the Hidden Block.[4]

Luigi Flies Up

As Cat Luigi (it only works when playing as Luigi), there is a visual glitch when he bonks into a wall with ground about it. It causes Luigi to fly up but does not affect his real position.[1]

Move After Goal

It is possible for the player to still have control of their character after touching the Goal Pole. This can be achieved by collecting a powerup that triggers a form change, then by entering the door that leads to anywhere in the Goal Pole. The player will still have control of their character for about 20 seconds, after which the course will exit.[1]

Piranha Creeper Momentum Gain

When the player slides down a Piranha Creeper, he or she can gain a huge amount of momentum after sliding down one.[1]

Semisolid Platform Clip

If the player places a Thwomp with Donut Blocks and drops them underneath them with a Semisolid Platform nearby, the player will clip underneath the Semisolid Platform.[4]

Sticking on Ceiling

If the player collects a Cape Feather, runs on a Conveyor Belt, and bounces off the Note Block and hitting a Bumper, the player will stick on the ceiling while flying and gliding with the cape.[4]

Super Jump

If a player is in their cape form, flying. descending down on a Bumper and spinning their cape on the exact frame they touch the Bumper will rapidly send them flying upwards.[2]


If the player sets up a Track with a track that they can use a ON/OFF Switch and lures the Enemy or Gizmo onto the ground where the Track is, they will be teleported to another Track.[3]

Time Freeze

When the player collects a power up and then goes through a door and gets damaged at the right time, all power ups, enemies, and the timer will freeze in place. The player is also invincible by passing through enemies and cannot die in a pit, poison or lava; however, the player cannot complete the level when the glitch is in effect, making it impossible to upload a course.[3]