List of Super Mario Maker 2 glitches

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This is a list of glitches from Super Mario Maker 2.


NOTE: All names are conjectural unless otherwise specified.

Bill Blaster Elevator

The player needs to put a few Conveyor Belts together and place Bill Blasters of the same height on them. The player then needs to place a One-Way Wall facing the direction of the Conveyor Belts one tile away from the end of the Conveyor Belts, at the end shown by the arrows; ground one tile after the Conveyor Belts so that the Bill Blasters do not fall off; one Dotted Line Block at the end of the Conveyor Belts; one Note Block at the same tile as the One-Way Wall and one tile above the height of the Bill Blasters; one Fire Flower on top of the Note Block; one solid block on top of the Fire Flower to make it bounce faster; and one ON/OFF Switch anywhere. When all the Bill Blasters are in the One-Way Wall, the player needs to hit the ON/OFF Switch. The Bill Blasters will shoot in the air and then fall down.

Black Hole

NOTE: This glitch has been partially patched.

The method to perform this glitch differs between the Super Mario 3D World and other styles. In said style, first the player should stack seven horizontal Warp Pipes, then place Big Bloopers on each pipe, and copy-and-paste them five times. Next, they should place a vertical pipe with coins and stack it four times, copy-and-paste that stack eight times, then copy-and-paste single vertical pipes until they reach the object limit. The player must then pull out the Bloopers from the horizontal pipes, erase the pipes, and undo until all Bloopers are back to the previous position. If done, the Bloopers will remain horizontal. The player should repeat this on the all of the other stacks, then delete all of the vertical pipes. The player should then overlap Blooper stacks on top of one another until they form into one Blooper. This causes terrains such as pipes, Spike Blocks, and ! Blocks to overlap, and the ground to connect incorrectly. This can also be done with Stingbies.[1]

In any other game styles, the glitch involve tracks, Hard Blocks, and a Big Thwomp. First, the player should place a Hard Block on a track, then copy-and-paste it until the hundredth track is placed. The player should then erase one of them, then place another track with a Big Thwomp. The player then must copy one of the tracks with a Hard Block, and drag the track with the Big Thwomp downwards. The Big Thwomp will be placed incorrectly; the player must undo it. If done, the Big Thwomp will act as if it is still on the track. Next, the player must erase all of the tracks with Hard Blocks, and overlap the Big Thwomp repeatedly. This also causes Fire Bars, Wigglers, Twisters, and Arrow Signs to overlap.[2][3]

An alternative way to do this glitch was discovered afterwards, which still can be performed on the version 1.1.0, and can be done with all of the game styles. In all game styles besides Super Mario 3D World, the player should firstly place tracks until they reach the limit, then delete two tracks and place a Big Thwomp. The rest follows the same method as above.

In the Super Mario 3D World style, first, the player should overlap a ? Block and track in 2D game styles, then put a coin into the ? Block, then drag and move the track leftwards, which causes the track to become invisible. The player should then save the course and reload it. The "Corrupt data was found so the course has been deleted." message will be shown, so the player should select a new file in the same spot. The player should repeat this if the starting style is one one other than the Super Mario 3D World style. If it is, the player must select the undo option once. This causes an invisible track to appear in the style, and the player must perform the same method as above until the Big Thwomp is placed on the track. The player should drag the track upwards until it reaches the limit and overlap the Big Thwomp as explained above.[4]

This glitch can also be used to lift 3D World-exclusive elements to the other styles and vice versa, including the Moon, which causes the night effect in all level themes except Underground and Desert, such as floating Goombas and 1-Up Mushrooms becoming invisible Rotten Mushrooms. Several elements, such as Lakitu, do not work at all, while others such as Vines, Fire Bro, and Ant Troopers cause the game to crash.[5]

The following is a list of glitches that can be performed with a Black Hole. Saving a level with at least one of these glitches performed will corrupt the level.


To perform a cloning glitch, the player needs to fill the part limit for the item they want to clone (e.g. an Angry Sun or three Bowsers/Bowser Jrs.). After that, the player needs to delete one of the objects, then drag another one into the Black Hole. The player then needs to undo until the object comes back. The player can make many Angry Suns using this, but the player can only make up to sixteen Bowsers/Bowser Jrs.

Giant Clown Car

The player needs to place a giant Bowser in a Clown Car away from the Black Hole, then drag the Bowser into the Black Hole. The player then needs to undo once. The result is a giant Clown Car with an invisible Bowser in it. In order for it to work, the player needs to hit play, then hit edit. Placing another giant Bowser above the giant Clown Car results in an even larger Clown Car.

Placing objects in unusual ways

The player needs to place a track, copy it, place an enemy onto the copied track, and delete it. The player then needs to copy the other track again and place it in the Black Hole. The player then needs to undo until the track with the enemy comes back. When the player moves the track in the Black Hole, the enemy immediately moves to the track. The player needs to do this and drag it out of the Black Hole. The player needs to place another object to make glitchy, either a Clown Car, a Pipe, or a Cloud. The player then needs to drag the enemy into the new object, then place something (it has to be something that normally cannot be placed in the new object and can be placed onto the object the enemy was in) onto the track. Doing this teleports the glitchy object into the new object. With this method, the player can place a Bowser in a pipe, a Grinder, Bumper, Fire Bar, or Burner into a Clown Car, or Clown Cars into Clouds. This method can be performed with a Clown Car, Cloud, or Pipe, instead of a track.

Placing objects into the starting area

The player needs to place a few objects into the Black Hole, placed above the starting area. The player then needs to drag the starting area until the object(s) are in the forbidden area. Placing/dragging/removing/copying something else then undoing crashes the game.

Cannon Box Does Not Shoot

Thwomp Hyperspeed setup
The setup

Making the setup as shown, if the player gets the Cannon Box and tries to shoot a cannonball on the glitching Thwomps, they will not be able to shoot. The cannonball will immediately explode.

Cannon Hyperspeed

Cannon Hyperspeed Glitch.
The setup

The player needs to build the setup as shown. When the player hits the ON/OFF Switch, the cannons will move very quickly to the left.[6] This works because the Frozen Coin will melt and the Muncher will move the Cannon to the adjacent one. The top Cannon will hold the two together, and when the Fire Bar falls down when the block is not solid, the setup will move very fast. Using an object to hit the setup upwards while it is moving horizontally, the player can make the setup move diagonally.

Clawlick Glitch

Using Yoshi to lick a POW Block, P Switch, or trampoline just as it is grabbed by a Swinging Claw, the game will think the item is both in Yoshi’s mouth and not in Yoshi’s mouth at the same time, creating an invisible item. This item can still be interacted with and can be grabbed. Crouching and turning with a POW Block or a P Switch will move the player rapidly in the other direction and it can be used to glide over walls. The item is linked to Yoshi’s head, so placing the item against a wall blocking Yoshi’s head will work like an invisible platform. Using the glitched item will make Yoshi think the item is still in his mouth, but licking again will cancel the glitch.

Clip Through Semi Solids with Vine

The player can clip through semi solid blocks when one collects a Super Mushroom while clinging on a Vine.[7]

Enemy Behavior on Slope

Bowser may move very fast when on a slope, and it may even break stacks of enemies.[7] This can also work with Big Thwomps. Bowser will only work with Steep Slopes in the New Super Mario Bros. U style and the Big Thwomp will only work with Gentle Slopes in the Super Mario 3D World style.

Floating Background Tiles

The player must multigrab and copy the background tile and a ? Block below, and placing the two ? Block under the background tile and then erase it, placing a third ? Block will remove the background tile. This glitch works on any game style except the Super Mario 3D World style.[8]

Fast Koopa Troopa

If the player stomps on a Koopa Troopa and drops the shell at the right timing as it wakes, the Koopa Troopa will go faster than its normal speed.[9]

Item Clipping through Hard Blocks

The player needs to make a stack of at least three Hard Blocks with wings and place a Cloud Block three tiles away from the stack and at most one tile from the top block in the stack. The player then needs to place either a P Switch, POW Block, or Trampoline on the Cloud Block, then place a solid object on the immediate left of the item. The Hard Blocks will fly to the item and it will clip inside the blocks. If the player can collect the item, they can fall and collect it through the blocks.

Move After Goal

It is possible for the player to still have control of their character after touching the Goal Pole. This can be achieved by collecting a powerup that triggers a form change, then by entering the door that leads to anywhere in the Goal Pole. The player will still have control of their character for about 20 seconds, after which the course will exit.[7]

Muncher Super Speed Glitch

Putting a big winged Muncher in a sideways pipe and putting a wall one tile away from the Muncher so it can still spawn and move, then putting a wall over the pipe, standing on the Muncher and being invincible or with a power-up can launch the player very fast as the Muncher is moving fast and the player's speed is stored until he touches the ground. This can be used to cross large gaps.


If the player Ground Pounds an ON/OFF Switch on the edge of a screen and a Dotted-Line Block is above it, they will clip underneath.

Piranha Creeper Momentum Gain

When the player slides down a Piranha Creeper, they can gain a huge amount of momentum after sliding down one.[7]

Power-Up Clip

By placing a downward pipe and a power-up inside the pipe and two One-Way Walls facing each other vertically at least two tiles (due to the Big Mushroom from the Super Mario Bros. style) below the pipe, making sure the player has walls around the pipe so the player cannot collect the power-up from the side, the player can collect the power-up without crouching when small or while crouching when big. This does not work if the player crouches while small or without crouching while big.

Semisolid Platform Clip

If the player places a Thwomp with Donut Blocks and drops them underneath with a Semisolid Platform nearby, the player will clip underneath the Semisolid Platform.[10]

Simultaneous Key Door Sounds

As of version 3.0.0, the sound effects for unlocking and entering a Key Door in the Super Mario Bros. style incorrectly play at the same time when the player unlocks one, making it sound like no sound is being produced when a player enters the Key Door. This only occurs in single-player mode.

Note that prior to version 3.0.0, the sound effects play in the intended order, with the unlock sound playing first before the door opening sound. This does not happen with the other styles.

Sticking on Ceiling

If the player collects a Cape Feather, runs on a Conveyor Belt, and bounces off the Note Block and hitting a Bumper, the player will stick on the ceiling while flying and gliding with the cape.[10]

Super Jump

If a player is in their cape form, flying, descending down on a Bumper and spinning their cape on the exact frame they touch the Bumper rapidly sends them flying upwards.[8]


If the player sets up a track with a track that they can use a ON/OFF Switch and lures the Enemy or Gizmo onto the ground where the track is, they will be teleported to another track.[9]

Wiggler Hardlock

It is possible to crash the game by bumping a Wiggler out of water from underneath. If that happens, the game freezes, but the music continues to play as normal. The only way to escape is to restart the game. The player can also take screenshots while the game is frozen. The glitch even affects the title screen if a level where the glitch is possible appears there.[11]

Wrong Ninji Ghosts

It is possible to make a Ninji Speedruns course load the wrong Ninji ghosts from another course, making them appear to go through walls and do actions that are not intended for the current course the player is on. To perform this glitch, the player must start a Ninji Speedruns course with Ninji ghosts enabled, then turning ghosts off and loading another course. Once another course has loaded, the player must then turn on Ninji ghosts again, close and reopen the menu, and then press Start Over.[12]

Patched glitches

NOTE: As of these patches, performing these glitches is impossible.

Chain Chomp Glide

If the player places a Chain Chomp in a one long gap area and make it turn around to bounce on a Note Block close to the ceiling, the Chain Chomp will fall very slowly as it moves until it stops moving infront a wall. This also works on Munchers using a Buzzy Shell and Trampoline, however; they only move on ground rather than falling very slowly.[8]

Coin in Pipe Limit Bypass (version 1.0.1 only)

Warning! Performing this action may corrupt your game's save file.

When the player goes beyond the Coin in Pipe limit, they cannot place any more of them. However, this can be bypassed by copying a Coin in Pipe until the real limit has been met. Performing this act can corrupt the level making it impossible to save, save as, or upload the course and it will be deleted. This was fixed in version 1.2.0.[9]

Flying Yoshi (version 1.0.1 only)

If the player sets a Yoshi on One-Way Wall facing down and bouncing on a Note Block, and when the lava rises to making contact with Yoshi, he will be launched up in the air very high and descend slowly back down to Lava. When this glitch is in effect, the player cannot ride Yoshi anymore due to the game thinking the Yoshi is in Lava. This was fixed in version 1.2.0.[9]

Flying Thwomp

If the player places a Thwomp facing left and a Buzzy Shell next to it and when it bounces off a Note Block, they will go up into the air and off-screen. They also get stuck in a freezing position if there is a Muncher near on top of Thwomp within the same setup. The player can fix the Thwomp by hitting it with a Buzzy Shell to revert the effects.[10]

Giant Player up on a wall

When the player grabs a Big Mushroom in the Super Mario Bros. style and enters the door with the Dry Bones Shell at the very right side of one vertical gap, the player will go up in the air by holding Right Button.[8]

Hidden Air Block

To perform this glitch, the player needs to place a Hidden Block on top of a Warp Door and place a Vine inside, then hit the block to reveal the vine and quickly go inside the door. Then, the player should be able to stand on top of the Hidden Block.[10]

Luigi Flies Up

As Cat Luigi (it only works when playing as Luigi), there is a visual glitch when he bonks into a wall with ground about it. It causes Luigi to fly up but does not affect his real position.[7]

Time Freeze

When the player collects a power up and then goes through a door and gets damaged at the right time, all power ups, enemies, and the timer will freeze in place. The player is also invincible by passing through enemies and cannot die in a pit, poison or lava; however, the player cannot complete the level when the glitch is in effect, making it impossible to upload a course.[9]