Mr. Eraser

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“All right, ya lousy bunch of blocks! This is gonna hurt me a lot more than it hurts you!”
Mr. Eraser, Super Mario Maker 2
Mr. Eraser in the story mode for Super Mario Maker 2

Mr. Eraser is an ally in Super Mario Maker and its sequel, Super Mario Maker 2, who takes the shape of an eraser with legs and eyes. His icon is placed on the right hand side of the level creation screen, under Coursebot. Upon his icon being tapped, the player is able to remove spawned enemies and objects. He has three official courses made by him. Super Mario Maker 2 features Mr. Eraser in the game's story mode, appearing for the first time as a 3D model.

As seen in the game's E3 2014 trailer, there was originally an eraser that had a letter "E" on it, similar to the one in Mario Paint, which had the exact same effect. This old icon was later replaced with Mr. Eraser.

In Super Mario Maker 2, he has a more important role in Story Mode. In this game, he has courses, which are needed to help him to erase blocks that block a pipe's path. His catchphase is "Adios, amigo!", which means "Bye, friend!" in Spanish.

If the player tries to erase Mario using Mr. Eraser, it briefly tickles Mario and he laughs.

Story Mode Jobs by Mr. Eraser[edit]

Course name Game style Course theme(s) Difficulty Payment
Molten Rain Super Mario Bros. 3 style Main area: Sky themeSub area: Sky theme ★☆☆☆ -
Spiny Busters Super Mario World style Main area: Ground themeSub area: Sky theme ★★☆☆ -
Target: A Single Pom Pom Super Mario 3D World style Main area: Desert theme ★★★☆ Refreshing Shirt


Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

  • Digital manual description: "Mr. Eraser will wash away your mistakes. Simply tap this icon to activate the eraser, and then touch the element you want eliminated. Touch the eraser icon again to put it away."



Super Mario Maker 2[edit]

  • "*squeak squeak*"
  • "Hey, kid... Looks like you've been hard at work."
  • "I suppose it's time I get back to work myself. Adios..."
  • "Hey, kid... Wanna help me out with a job?"
  • "You help me out, I'll erase the blocks on top of that Pipe over there."
  • "I'm counting on you."
  • "Nice work, kid. I'll off those blocks now."
  • "*ahem* All right, ya lousy bunch of blocks! This is gonna hurt me a lot more than it hurts you!"
  • "Adios..."
  • "Hey, kid... Wanna help me out with another job?"
  • "You help me out, I'll erase the blocks gumming up that path over there."
  • "Hey, kid... I got one last job for you."
  • "You help me out, I'll give you some fancy clothes."
  • "Nice work, kid. We never met."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 消しゴム君
Spanish Sr. Gómez Mr. Gómez (a pun on the word "Goma" (that means eraser) and the surname "Gómez")
French (NOA) M. Efface Mr. Erase
French (NOE) M. Gomme Mr. Eraser
Dutch Wisser Eraser
German Herr Radierer Mr. Eraser
Italian Mr. Gomma Mr. Eraser
Russian Ластик Eraser