Target: A Single Pom Pom

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Target: A Single Pom Pom
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario 3D World style
Theme(s) Desert
Difficulty ★★★☆
Time limit 300 seconds
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Target: A Single Pom Pom is a course which appears in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is Mr. Eraser's third and final job, and it is set in the desert theme and the Super Mario 3D World style. The course has a difficulty rating of 3/4 stars. Completing this course unlocks the Refreshing Shirt.


The course starts out with both a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom and a Warp Box nearby. Jumping into the Warp Box takes Mario to a new area, where Pom Pom awaits him. Mario must defeat Pom Pom while on a floor of Track Blocks, which move downwards before disappearing when Mario stands on them. After Pom Pom is defeated, he is granted a Key and completion of a Clear Condition, allowing him to unlock the locked Warp Box on the right. This Warp Box leads Mario to another area with a 30-Coin, as well as a Track Block which takes him close to the top of the Goal Pole.


  • "This time your target is a single Pom Pom. They probably know you're coming, so expect a trap. Adios, amigo."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たおせ! プンプン1体
Taose! Punpun Ittai
Defeat! 1 Pom Pom

Chinese 打倒1只碰碰! (Simplified)
打倒一隻碰碰! (Traditional)
Dǎdǎo Yīzhī Pèngpèng!
Defeat 1 Pom Pom!

Dutch Doelwit: een Pom Pom
Target: A Pom Pom
French Opération : Adieu Poum Poum
Operation: Farewell Pom Pom
German Pom Pom, allein zu Haus
Pom Pom, Home Alone
Italian Operazione Poom Poom
Operation Pom Pom
Korean 물리쳐라! 푸웅푸웅 1마리
Mullichyeora! Pu-ungpu-ung hanmari
Defeat! 1 Pom Pom

Russian Одна пам-пам, но какая!
Odna pam-pam, no kakaya!
One Pom Pom, But What a Pom Pom!

Spanish (NOA) Objetivo: pum pum
Objective: Pom Pom
Spanish (NOE) Objetivo: Pum Pum
Objective: Pom Pom