Balloon Race

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Not to be confused with Balloon Racing.
Balloon Race
Balloon Race from Super Mario Maker 2
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) SMM2-ThemeIcon-Sky.png
Time limit 200 seconds
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Balloon Race is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is the eighth level of Ninji Speedruns, uploaded on June 2, 2020 and running until June 9, 2020. It is set at night in the sky theme and in the Super Mario World style.


The level begins with a Power Balloon, along with a Giant Spiked Ball breaking some Ice Blocks before hitting an ON/OFF Switch to clear out some ON/OFF Blocks. Afterwards, Mario must navigate an S-curve with intermittent Bumpers, followed by a downwards curve. A loop-de-loop with opposing ON/OFF Blocks follows, along with a few sideways Trampolines and a Thwomp that hits an ON/OFF Switch to guide Mario to the end of the loop-de-loop. Afterwards, Mario must grab a Super Star and zoom across a long corridor to an area below, where he must hit some ON/OFF Switches on the left to proceed. The level ends with a ring of coins and five 10-Coins, the latter of which must all be collected to access the Giant Gate.


"Time it right and get off to a Rocket Start! Race to the finish as fast as you can with Balloon Mario. Whether you hug the inside track or go wide and use the trampolines to boost your speed, how well you navigate the course is the key to a quick time!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バルーンレース
Barūn Rēsu
Balloon Race

Chinese (simplified) 气球竞速
Qìqiú Jìngsù
Balloon Racing

Italian Corsa a palloncino
Balloon race
Russian Гонка на шарах
Gonka na sharakh
Balloon Race

Spanish Globo a la carrera
Balloon race