At the Croak of Midnight

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At the Croak of Midnight
SMM2 At the Croak of Midnight.jpg
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario Bros. 3 style
Theme(s) SMM2-ThemeIcon-Castle.png (main area)
Time limit 200 seconds
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At the Croak of Midnight is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is the thirteenth level of Ninji Speedruns, running from October 13, 2020 to October 20, 2020. It is set at night in the castle theme for its main area and in the underwater theme for its sub-area, as well as in the Super Mario Bros. 3 game style.


The level begins with a Warp Pipe spawning Frog Suits. After a segment in which a Bull's-Eye Blaster launches a winged Lava Bubble across some Frozen Coins, Mario will approach some Big Piranha Plants atop a Flimsy Lift. Two Dry Bones and a Koopa Troopa follow, alongside a Bob-omb and a Warp Pipe leading to the next area. The following area mainly consists of Stretches on the upper level and two Boo Buddies on the lower level, followed by a Warp Pipe leading to the third and final area. At the end, Mario will encounter a big Bowser Jr. atop some Munchers, guarding the ax needed to clear the level.


"Transform into Frog Mario, and sneak into the castle at night! To clear this course, you'll need to collect 100 coins along the way. Think carefully about which coins to nab as you swim your way to the finish!"



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カエルマリオで夜のお城に大潜入!
Kaeru Mario de yoru no oshiro ni dai-sennyū!
Big Night Castle Infiltration as Frog Mario!

Italian Al gracidare della mezzanotte
At the croak of midnight
Spanish Incursión anfiba en el castillo
Frog raid in the castle