Minna de Atsumete!

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Minna de Atsumete!
Course ID JWD-CH3-Y8G
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario 3D World style
Theme(s) Ground
Time limit 400 seconds
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Minna de Atsumete! is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is the sixth level published by NintendoJP. It is set in the ground theme in the Super Mario 3D World style. The clear condition for this course is to collect all three 10-Coins.


There are several Big Thwomps and Thwomps throughout this course. There is one of each at the start. Mario needs to go through the nearby Door to get to an area with Thwomps, Clear Pipes, and Key Coins. He must navigate the area and collect all five Key Coins, then go through the Key Door hidden behind one of the Thwomps. The next area is made up of Thwomps, Big Thwomps, Rock Blocks, and ! Blocks. All three 10-Coins can be found in this area. One is hidden behind the Big Thwomp closest to the Key Door. The second is found to the left, near a ! Block. The third and final 10-Coin is near the end of the level, after the Clear Pipes. To get to the Goal Pole, Mario needs to get the final Thwomp to hit the ! Block a few times to raise the Big Thwomp. He is then able to reach the goal and complete the level, provided he has collected every 10-Coin.



(It's more fun if you play together! Let's collect various coins while being careful of the Thwomps!)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みんなであつめて!
Minna de Atsumete!
Collect Together!