Swamp Escape by Shell!

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Swamp Escape by Shell!
SMM2 Swamp Escape by Shell.jpg
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Style Super Mario Bros. 3 style
Theme Forest
Difficulty ★★★☆
Time limit 300 seconds
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Swamp Escape by Shell! is a course which appears in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is Undodog's second job, and it is set in the forest theme and the Super Mario Bros. 3 style. The course has a difficulty rating of 3/4 stars. Completing the course causes a large Dry Bones Shell to appear, which Undodog stays in.


The course starts with the "Horror" sound effect playing. There is a pipe that gives out a Dry Bones Shell, which Mario must jump into. Mario must then ride along the poison while collecting coins. Soon after, there is a 10-Coin, and a tower of Grinders which Mario must ride over. Bull's Eye Banzais start appearing, as well as some safe stopping points for Mario. Later on, there is another 10-Coin and some Skewers. Along the way is a 30-Coin. Soon after this is the goal, allowing Mario to complete the level as long as he is in a Dry Bones Shell.


  • "Arf! Arf? (I have a job for you! The nights have been so cold lately. Could you bring me something that will shelter me from the storm?)"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese こうらでにげて! せまる毒ぬま
Kōra de Nigete! Semaru Doku Numa
Escape by Shell! Approaching Poison Swamp
Spanish Huida en caparazón Escape by Shell
French (NOA) Fuite en carapace hors des marais! Escape by Shell out of the Swamp!
French (NOE) Fuite en carapace hors des marais ! Escape by Shell out of the Swamp!
Dutch Moerasontsnapping per schild Swamp-Escape by Shell
German Evakuierung im Panzer Evacuation in a Shell
Italian Fuga dalla palude con guscio! Escape from the Swamp with a Shell!
Russian Из болота на панцире
Iz bolota na pantsire
Out the Swamp on a Shell
Korean 와르르등껍질로 도망쳐라! 밀려오는 독의 늪
Wareureudeungkkeopjillo domangchyeora! Millyeo-oneun dogui neup
Escape by Dry Bones Shell! Approaching Poison Swamp