Para-Beetle Transfer

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Para-Beetle Transfer
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario Bros. style
Theme(s) Airship
Difficulty ★★★★
Time limit 300 seconds
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Para-Beetle Transfer is the sixty-sixth course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set in the airship theme and in the Super Mario Bros. style. It is posted by Ruler of the Skies, and has a difficulty rating of 4/4 stars.


The level begins with Heavy Para-Beetles spawning out of a Warp Pipe, followed by a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom. After a few groups of Burners, Mario will encounter a Goomba and a Big Goomba just before the Goal Pole.


"I made a course where you jump from Para-Beetle to Para-Beetle! But once a Para-Beetle goes up, it doesn't go back down."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パタメットを 乗りついで
Patametto o Noritsuide
Transfer Between Para-Beetles
Chinese (Simplified) 不断换乘飞行钢盔龟
Búduàn Huànchéng Fēixíng Gāngkuī Guī
Keep Transferring Between Para-Beetles
Chinese (Traditional) 換乘飛行鋼盔龜
Huànchéng Fēixíng Gāngkuī Guī
Transfer Between Para-Beetles
Dutch Para-Beetle-luchtbrug Para-Beetle Sky Bridge
French (NOA) D'un Parablindule à l'autre From One Para-Beetle to Another
French (NOE) D'un Parabruyinsecte à l'autre From One Para-Beetle to Another
German Der Parakäfer-Flüsterer The Parabuzzy-Whisperer
Italian Aerotransporti Paranella Parabuzzy Air Transport
Korean 펄럭하잉바를 갈아타며
Peolleokhaingbareul garatamyeo
Transferring Between Para-Beetles
Russian Родео на летучих жуках
Rodeo na letuchikh zhukakh
Rodeo on Parabeetles
Spanish (NOA) Transbordo Parabuzzy Para-Beetle Transfer
Spanish (NOE) Y Parabuzzy porque me toca And Para-Beetle Because It's My Turn