PAX AUS - A Run With The Fish!

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PAX AUS - A Run With The Fish!
ARunWithTheFish SMM2.png
Course ID J7Q-7DF-51H
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) Main area: Ground
Sub area: Sky
Time limit 400 seconds
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PAX AUS - A Run With The Fish! is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is a level published by NintendoAU, and was one of the playable levels at the PAX Australia 2019 event. It is set in the ground theme for its main area and in the sky theme for its sub-area, as well as in the New Super Mario Bros. U style.


The level begins with some jumping Cheep Cheeps in between some Mushroom Platforms. After waiting for a Banzai Bill to pass by, Mario must wall jump up a chasm into a Warp Pipe. Mario is then led to additional jumping Cheep Cheeps and a ? Block containing a Super Mushroom; he must then follow some Lifts on tracks to a winged Lift, then stomp on a Koopa Troopa to pick up its shell. Mario must then throw the shell at an ON/OFF Switch to the right of the area, then jump into a Note Block surrounded by ON/OFF blocks and hit five Hidden Blocks at the left to reach a parachuting Thwomp and another Warp Pipe. After the Checkpoint Flag, Mario must crouch amidst some Bumpers while avoiding oncoming Cannonballs and Bullet Bills to yet another Warp Pipe. Mario must then grab a Super Mushroom and run across a row of Thwomps and damage-boosting past a Banzai Bill, then wall jump up a chasm with Fire Bars to yet another Warp Pipe, where he then must jump across a long row of jumping Cheep Cheeps, Fire Bars, and Grinders to the Goal Pole.



"As seen in the GameSpot Theatre! Can you overcome this challenge?"