A Downhill Battle

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Not to be confused with Uphill Battle.
A Downhill Battle
A Downhill Battle
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme(s) SMM2-ThemeIcon-Ground.png (Main area)
Underground theme icon from Super Mario Maker 2 (Sub area)
Difficulty ★☆☆☆
Time limit 300 seconds
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A Downhill Battle is the first course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set in the ground theme for the main area and the underground theme for the sub-area, and it is also set in the New Super Mario Bros. U game style. It is posted by Goomba Lover, and has a difficulty rating of 1/4 stars. Completing this course in Story Mode awards Mario with 100 Coins and the choice to begin work on the foundation of Peach's Castle.


The level begins with a Bill Blaster blasting out Super Mushrooms, along with a gentle slope with eight Goombas climbing up it. Right afterwards, Mario will come across a set of three ? Blocks, including one that is invisible. By jumping while on the top of them, he will be able to reveal another invisible block that contains a Beanstalk which will lead him upwards to his first 10-Coin. After passing a Big Goomba, Mario will reach some Warp Pipes and a Goomba Tower. If Mario enters the Warp Pipe with a Piranha Plant inside of it, he will enter a small underground area with a few coins; otherwise, Mario will pass a Goombrat and enter a section with Note Blocks. Both paths lead to the Checkpoint Flag, which, when touched, awards Mario with a Super Star. After traversing a few slopes, Mario has the option of either sliding down a slope full of Goombrat Towers or jumping across multiple Spike Traps if his Super Star is still active to reach a 10-Coin. Either path leads to another group of Note Blocks, where Mario can go down a yellow Warp Pipe that leads to another 10-Coin. After passing another Piranha Plant, Mario must cross another slope to get to the Goal Pole.


"I made a course full of Goombas! First one to the goal pole gets PAID. Here's a tip: tilt Left Stick↓ on the downward slopes to wipe out the Goombas."


Sprite Name Count
Goomba icon in Super Mario Maker 2 (New Super Mario Bros. U style) Goomba 14
Goomba icon in Super Mario Maker 2 (New Super Mario Bros. U style) Big Goomba 2
Goomba icon in Super Mario Maker 2 (New Super Mario Bros. U style) Goomba Tower 1
Piranha Plant icon in Super Mario Maker 2 (New Super Mario Bros. U style) Piranha Plant 2
Goombrat icon from Super Mario Maker 2 (New Super Mario Bros. U style) Goombrat 11

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 坂道こえてゴールを目指せ!
Sakamichi Koete Gōru o Mezase!
Pass Through the Slope and Aim for the Goal!
Chinese (Simplified) 翻过坡道冲向终点!
Fān'guò Pōdào Chōngxiàng Zhōngdiǎn!
Go over the Slope, Rush to the Goal!
Chinese (Traditional) 越過坡道邁向終點!
Yuèguò Pōdào Màixiàng Zhōngdiǎn!
Go over the Slope, Reach for the Goal!
Dutch Bergafwaarts Downhill
French Terrain en pente Sloped terrain
German Es geht abwärts Going Downhill
Italian Battaglia in discesa Downhill Battle
Korean 비탈길을 지나 골을 향하여!
Bitalgireul jina goreul hyanghayeo!
Pass the Slope, Reach for the Goal!
Russian Битва на склоне
Bitva na sklone
Battle on a Slope
Spanish Combate en las laderas Battle on the Slopes