Mario Aratanaru Shinwa e (Nintendo Version)

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Mario Aratanaru Shinwa e (Nintendo Version)
A Course World official by Nintendo JP.
Course ID JK5-F13-BYF
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario Bros. 3 style
Theme(s) Forest (Main area)
Castle (Sub area)
Time limit 500 seconds
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Mario Aratanaru Shinwa e (Nintendo Version) is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is the second level published by NintendoJP, with the "standard" tag, and is a recreated version of Yoiko's level Mario Shinwa e (Yoiko Original) by Nintendo themselves. It is set in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style, in the forest theme for the main area and the castle theme for the sub area.


At the start of the level, Mario must hit an ON/OFF Switch to drop down a Trampoline, then hit another ON/OFF Switch. He then needs to follow a trail of coins to two Flying Big Piranha Plants and hit another ON/OFF Switch to create a safe platform leading up to another ON/OFF Switch he needs to hit to proceed. There is then a set of Brick Blocks forming the katakana 「カイナハレーー!!」 (Kainahare--!!) above an ON/OFF Switch-activated Conveyor Belt. Mario then needs to drop into the water and swim through a set of images collecting Key Coins, similarly to the original level. The images are a person, a sideways rocket, a fire truck (with a 10-Coin), a helicopter, and a car with a 30-Coin nearby. To get the last Key Coin, Mario needs to activate a P Switch and ride up a path of coins in a Koopa Clown Car. He then needs to unlock and enter the Key Door, then the Pipe.

Mario falls through a Checkpoint Flag and down to the bottom of an obstacle course. He lands on a Seesaw on a track, with a Super Mushroom being shot out of a Bill Blaster at him. As the seesaw moves upward, he needs to avoid two horizontally moving Thwomps to get to a set of Swinging Claws. He is then able to get to a Fire Koopa Clown Car and ride up through several Bill Blasters, some of which shoot out coins, Fire Flowers, flying Bob-ombs, or Bloopers. He then needs to make it past several Bumpers, one parachuting Kodeka Kakibō, a Big Chain Chomp riding a cloud (with a 50-Coin nearby, more parachuting Goombrats, and some Banzai Bills before finally making it to the pipe leading back to the main area.

As soon as Mario enters the main area, he gets another Checkpoint Flag, along with another Fire Koopa Clown Car and a Spiny Shell. He also gets a Fire Flower. He then needs to shoot fireballs at walls of Hard Blocks to get to a Big Bowser. To defeat him, Mario must get to the right of him, then shoot fireballs at the Hard Blocks and ON/OFF Blocks to block him in. After being defeated, he drops a Key. Mario is then able to unlock the Key Door to get to a stack of Brick Blocks. A pipe from above drops a P Switch he needs to activate to reveal the goal.



(Nintendo audaciously arranges a course created by Yoiko, "To a Mario Myth"! Please see how it plays compared to the original.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ新たなる神話へ【任天堂バージョン】
Mario Aratanaru Shinwa e (Nintendō Bājon)
To a New Mario Myth (Nintendo Version)