That's One Hot Car!

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That's One Hot Car!
ThatOneHotCar SMM2.png
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Style New Super Mario Bros. U style
Theme Castle
Difficulty ★★★☆
Time limit 500 seconds
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That's One Hot Car! is the sixteenth course in the Story Mode of Super Mario Maker 2. It is set in the castle theme and in the New Super Mario Bros. U style. It is posted by Celebrity MC, and has a difficulty rating of 3/4 stars. Completing this course in Story Mode awards Mario 200 Coins.


The level begins with a Fire Koopa Clown Car that Mario must enter. Mario must then proceed to take out two rows of Goombas, followed by a zigzag row of Paragoombas, then a few Winged Spinies, collecting Coins, a Super Mushroom, and a 10-Coin along the way, before the Checkpoint Flag and a Warp Pipe leading to the next area. Mario then lands in another Fire Koopa Clown Car with a Fire Flower and must take out some Hard Blocks with Stretches and a Rocky Wrench, followed by some Hard Blocks with Cannons, a Bill Blaster firing Cheep Cheeps, and big Cannons, which leads to another Warp Pipe and a Checkpoint Flag. Afterwards, Mario must use another Fire Koopa Clown Car to fight Bowser Jr., who is in another Fire Koopa Clown car, and break some additional Hard Blocks obstructing the axe.


"Yo, this Fire Junior Clown Car course that I made is off the hook! Hold Y Button to charge up your cannon, and then let it go to fire a charge shot that can cook fools and bust Hard Blocks! Oh, and press R Button to get out of the car. You'll need that to go down a Pipe at some point."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアクッパJr.クラウンで うちまくれ!
Faia Kuppa Jr. Kuraun de Uchimakure!
Fire Away on the Fire Junior Clown Car!
Spanish Vehículos al rojo vivo Red-Hot Vehicles
French Ça va chauffer
Dutch Een verhitte rit A Heated Ride
German Wilder Kutschenritt Wild Clown Car Ride
Italian La fuoriserie spaccatutto
Russian Горячая тачка
Goryachaya tachka
Hot Car
Korean 파이어쿠파주니어피에로로 마구 쏘아라!
Paieokupajunieopieroro magu ssoara!
Keep Firing with Fire Koopa Clown Car!