Round II: Invitational 2019

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Round II: Invitational 2019
The single-player section of the level
Course ID 8CJ-376-MXF
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Game style Super Mario World style
Theme(s) Ghost House
Time limit 500 seconds
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Round II: Invitational 2019 is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is a "standard" level published by NintendoUS, and set in the Ghost House theme and in the Super Mario World style. It is based on the second level played during the preliminary round of the 2019 Nintendo World Championships, in that it was modified to include two separate sections for single-player and co-op play respectively, whereas the original level was designed specifically for co-op play.[1]


The level begins in front of a blue Pipe, which leads to a room with two red Pipes, with one blocked off by Rotating Blocks. If the player is playing by themselves and enters the pipe, a Lift carries them past a One-Way Wall and an inaccessible P Switch, forcing them to enter the unblocked Pipe, which leads to the single-player section of the level. If the player is playing with others, after the first player that exits the pipe moves the Lift, the second player is then able to access the P Switch, which opens the blocked pipe (rendering the unblocked pipe inaccessible in the process) leading to the multiplayer section of the level.

The single-player section is much shorter than the multiplayer section, consisting of only one room. In the main room, which begins with a Checkpoint Flag, there are several Dotted-Line Blocks over pits of Spike Traps which the player must use to cross with timing while a moving Buzzy Shell repeatedly hits an ON/OFF Switch, alternating between the two states. Once the player is out of the shell's range and reaches a Pipe dispensing POW Blocks, they are required to jump to the next row of Dotted-Line Blocks while throwing a POW Block up to a pair of ON/OFF Switches above to make them solid, allowing them to land safely. The player then needs to jump on a Koopa Paratroopa and POW Block to cross the rest of the Spike Traps and reach the Warp Door leading directly to the Giant Gate.

In the first room of the multiplayer section, players must alternate hitting ON/OFF Switches to pass through a series of Dotted-Line Blocks and enter a Warp Door at the end. In the next room, one player must throw the other into a Swinging Claw to reach a P Switch above. After activating the P Switch and jumping across some Note Blocks, the players must use ON/OFF Switches to proceed. The lower player must then use another P Switch to allow the upper player to proceed, then throw a POW Block at a Rotating Block to reveal a Trampoline that the upper player can use to reach a high ledge. After the upper player hits on ON/OFF Switch twice, the lower player must pass another POW Block to the upper player to release a Vine from a ? Block and thus enter another Warp Door. The players must then make synchronized jumping and hitting of ON/OFF Switches to avoid falling and enter a Pipe, where they must subsequently make use of a self-triggering ON/OFF Switch to ride a Lava Lift to another Pipe. Afterwards, one player must pick up the other and jump to throw the carried player to the Giant Gate.

In the original Nintendo World Championships version of the level, the two starting rooms and the single-player section were absent, and players instead started off in front of a stairway leading straight to the Dotted-Line Blocks. Stretches also appeared on the ceiling.



  • "This Super Mario Maker Invitational course was designed to Play Together."


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