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Super Mario U SO
The NintendoJP level Super Mario U SO
Course ID Q2W-2VC-NLF
Game Super Mario Maker 2
Theme(s) Ground
Time limit 300 seconds
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Super Mario U SO is an official course in Course World in Super Mario Maker 2. It is the fourth level published by NintendoJP, with the "standard" tag, and was created by Shinya Arino of Yoiko for his fellow co-host Masaru Hamaguchi to play in episodes 1 and 2 of their web video series Yoiko no Mario Maker de Shokunin Seikatsu. It is set in the New Super Mario Bros. U style, in the ground theme for the main area and the nighttime ground theme for the sub area.


The level starts off with a Seesaw and a parachuting Goomba. There are then more Goombas as well as a falling Big Bowser. There is a red Pipe dispensing P Switches. Mario can hit one, then run ahead to get the 10-Coin and two 30-Coins. Above the coins are Brick Blocks that form the katakana 「アリノサク」 (Arino saku, "An Arino creation"). There is a ? Block nearby containing a Super Mushroom. After that are some ON/OFF Conveyor Belts followed by another ? Block with another Super Mushroom inside. Up next is an area with several Bumpers. Mario can activate another P Switch to get the 30-Coin and 50-Coin below. After this is an area with Bill Blasters and more conveyor belts. If Mario activates the P Switch near the fourth conveyor, several enemies, including Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, and one Boom Boom fall from above. He needs to enter the pipe at the end.

As soon as Mario enters the sub area, he gets a Checkpoint Flag. There are three ? Blocks in front of him; the one on the left contains a Goomba, the middle one has a P Switch, and the right one contains a Super Star. Mario needs to grab the star, then run through the Fire Bars. Up next are four Big Chain Chomps and a floor of Bumpers with a 50-Coin on a track above. Then there are some Swinging Claws holding a 10-Coin, a 30-Coin, a 50-Coin, and a Big Chain Chomp, respectively. Finally, there is a horizontally moving Thwomp which chases Mario past more Thwomps, with a Big Thwomp hitting ON/OFF Switches to open the floor beneath Mario, forcing him to jump at the right time to make it to the pipe leading back to the main area. Above the Thwomps off-screen, as shown in episode 1 of Yoiko no Mario Maker de Shokunin Seikatsu, there are Ice Blocks that form the katakana 「オモロイヤロ」 (Omoroi yaro, "It's fun, right?").

A Flimsy Lift on a track leads Mario to lower ground with two Japanese names formed by Hard Blocks in katakana on either side: 「マサル」 (Masaru) on the right, and 「アキナ」 (Akina, the name of Hamaguchi's wife, Akina Minami) on the left. On the ground, there is a katakana phrase formed by Super Mushrooms on tracks reading 「アリノヨリ」 (Arino yori, "From Arino") followed directly by the Goal Pole.



(A course set with traps for Hamaguchi in episode 2 of "Yoiko's Mario Maker Craftsman Life".)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオU SO
Sūpā Mario U SO
Super Mario "U SO"; "U SO" is a pun on "UFO" (Abbreviation of "Unidentified Flying Object") and the Japanese word 「ウソ」 (uso, an expression of disbelief which literally translates to "lie").

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